How To Take a Truly Relaxing Vacation

Traveling is fantastic, but it’s not always as relaxing as we hope it will be. You probably know how important vacations are. They help you rest, relax and unwind which can be good for your physical and mental health if that’s actually what happens.

All too often, however, we find ourselves just as stressed out and frazzled on vacation as we are when we’re at home. Vacations can be inherently stressful, from airports to trying to make sure you make the most of every second of your trip.

So instead of taking a trip that makes you feel like you need a vacation at the end of it, how do you plan something that truly is relaxing?

The following are some tips for a vacation that really is relaxing, rather than overwhelming.

Consider Camping or an RV

Sure, going to a great resort can be fun, but sometimes there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, big crowds and it’s just generally not that relaxing. Consider something outside of your typical trip and instead camp or rent an RV. There are sites like Outdoorsy that let you find RVs to rent nearby, and it’ll give you the opportunity to go to places you might not normally consider, and truly let yourself breathe.

For example, going to National Parks or a place like the Florida Keys are manageable with an RV. You can get away from crowds, avoid airports and get a different experience than what you might have otherwise. Look for places with a lot of natural beauty, rather than tourist hotspots.

When there’s natural beauty, it’s easier to unplug and just take a deep breath, as opposed to being somewhere highly commercialized with a lot of people and traffic.

Don’t Overschedule

When you go on vacation, there’s this tendency to want to pack as much as you can into your trip, from sightseeing to planned activities. Of course you want to make the most of your travel experience, but sometimes what happens is that your schedule is packed so tight that everyone feels like they’re constantly running, not unlike what happens at home.

Scheduling a few things is fine, but leave some open windows of time where everyone can just wander around or do things at a leisurely pace.

Also, be flexible. If you have an idea of exactly how your trip will turn out and what it will be like and it doesn’t turn out that way (which is never does), you’ll be disappointed. Just be flexible and let things play out naturally.

Skip the Alarm Clock

Finally, try to avoid putting yourself on any kind of schedule when you’re on vacation. Ditch the alarm clocks in the morning and when you take naps. Just let yourself be in your own natural schedule and routine. Follow your natural rhythm. The same goes not just for sleep but also eating. Eat when you feel hungry, rather than when you think you should.

That kind of freedom isn’t something you do at home, and it can feel rewarding and relaxing.