Magical Destinations To Spend Christmas In 2017

Have you been inspired by the magic of Christmas this year? If not, maybe you wished that you’d planned ahead and booked a trip to one of the many amazing Christmas destinations across the globe. There is something for everyone in our list of top winter destinations. From snowy wonderlands to locations that offer you some winter sun, you will be thoroughly inspired to jet off to one of these destinations next December.



Pic: Pixabay

Copenhagen, Denmark


Do you love Christmas markets? Then you should consider booking some plane tickets to Copenhagen, its capital city! Thought to be one of Europe’s best Christmas market cities, Copenhagen as a couple for different ones throughout. Its best and most popular one, though, is the large one that fills the famous Tivoli Gardens. Over December, this city center theme park turns all festive, and a lot of Christmas market stalls fill its paths and walkways. All of the rides are lit up in festive lights as well! It’s a great winter wonderland to take the whole family to!


Melbourne, Australia


Not too keen on snow and cold weather? Don’t worry, there are plenty of destinations to travel to if you want to experience some winter sun. Take Melbourne for example. You may not be used to having a hot and sunny Christmas, but the Australian’s laid back way of life and the excellent weather will certainly win you over. And you never know, the Christmas trip might inspire you to start planning a permanent move to Australia. After all, why just travel to Australia for Christmas when the weather, lifestyle, and housing are this good! One look at Mont Vue apartments Heidelberg, and you may start planning a new life down under!


Dublin, Ireland


How about hoping the luck of the Irish rubs off on you in 2018? One way you can try and get in on some of this luck is to spend Christmas 2018 in pretty Dublin. This is a great destination for those who love a glass of Guinness or two! The Irish have also taken to the European tradition of Christmas markets so you will be able to find plenty of festive stalls selling mulled wine and roast chestnuts! The city is also surrounded by some scenic countryside so you will have plenty of chance to get out for a hike to burn off all that turkey!


Paris, France


Do you want to combine your Christmas getaway with some romance? Then why not spend the festive season in one of Europe’s most romantic cities: Paris! The food is absolutely fantastic in Paris, and there will be plenty of wine and cheese for you to enjoy on Christmas day! Actually, you could end up planning moving over here permanently so that you enjoy all the truffles, cheese, and baguettes all the time. Tough decision: sunny Australia or chic Paris?!

Sure, Christmas at home is nice and cozy. But don’t you fancy having a fun adventure for next year? It will certainly be an unforgettable experience!