Simple Tips to Increase Your Comfort as You Age

No one wants to think about getting old, but sadly it will happen to us all. The best thing we can do is best preserve our health and fitness now as much as we can and make small adjustments to our daily life to increase our comfort as we age. Due to wear and tear, you may notice that your body aches a bit more than it used to when you were younger. I have made a list of a few simple tips to increase your comfort as you age, so read on more about them here:

1. Consider a Mobility Scooter
If you’re feeling stiff, having issues getting around or just want more mobility, a mobility scooter could help. It’s a great way to get your independence back and a great way to walk your dogs as you get older. They can be quite expensive but are a long term investment and can really transform your life, allowing you to run your own errands again.

2. A Memory Foam Pillow
As you age, you’ll notice you need more support and backache may become an every day experience. I bought myself a memory pillow a few years ago and have really enjoyed the extra support it provides me. I wake up refreshed, with a pain free neck, which is definitely worth the small cost.

3. Join a Social Group
Yes, physical comfort is important as we age, but so is social comfort. Many of your friends may have moved away, or passed on, or family members may have moved great distances away. It can be harder to make new friends as we get old, so it’s really important to be as social as possible. Research what clubs are available in your area, chances are you have a lot of options from bingo clubs to clubs organised through churches. Being more social will increase your happiness, health and will have positive effects on all areas of your life.

4. Stay Active
The worst thing you can do as you get older is to stop being active. You’ve probably heard the expression “Use it or lose it” and it definitely refers to your muscle mass. As we get older we lose muscle mass and bone density way faster than any of us would like. Being active is a great way to combat this transformation. Consider doing low impact activities such as swimming, walking, yoga or even cycling.

These simple tips will help increase your comfort as you age!