Spend A Spectacular Long Weekend In France

If you are thinking about going away soon, why not head over to the beautiful and varied country of France. There, you’ll experience great food, dazzling sights and spectacular moments. If you do go to France, I’ve got some great tips for what you should be doing and where you should stay.


Heading To The South?

If you’re journeying to the south of France, you will be surrounding by gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views of the world. Rolling green hills and lush landscapes will be everywhere you look. It’s enough to make anyone try their luck at painting. Or maybe just take a few snaps on their phone. In the south, you might visit the Dordogne countryside. There you will be able to stay in beautiful, isolated villages far away from the buzz and noise of the city. You might also want to take a river cruise along the gorgeous and tranquil Dordogne river. It’s very popular with tourists.

Live On Cheese And Bread

The French are known for the simple life when it comes to food, as well as weird delicacies. That’s why if you are living out in the countryside during your stay, you might want to make your food. You can start by heading down to the local bakers for some freshly made bread. I guarantee it will taste like no loaf you have had before. After that, be sure to pick up some fine cheeses and maybe a couple pastries for good measure. If you’re dining out for lunch head to own of those green hills and experience one of the most beautiful views in the world. Or, sit out on the patio near your villa, enjoying the crisp summer air.


Wine Tasting

You must know how famous France is for wine, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to head to a vineyard and try some wine tasting. There, you’ll experience what it truly is to holiday in France, tasting the sweet sensation of the finest drinks ever made. You might even try making some for yourself. But one thing is for sure. You will learn how to taste wine the right way and what the perfect bottle really is.

Journeying North?

Of course, you might instead be journeying the north of the country. If that’s the case, then it’s all about the splendid City of Paris. If you have kids, you might like to start by spending the day in Disneyland. While it won’t measure up to the splendour of its American brother, the park offers some thrills.

Then, if you have a love for art, you must go and wander the Louvre. There you will find many enchanting pieces. Although the actual size of the Mona Lisa is certain to surprise you!

In the evening, you can journey to the famous Eiffel tower and stare out over the beautifully lit city. Share a kiss with your loved one and watch as the sun sinks beneath the buildings. It’s the perfect way to finish off a captivating vacation you won’t soon forget.