Tech And Total Calm: The Tricks To Running A Company Inside And Out

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Are there sure-fire ways to make your business a surefire success? The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes, with a caveat. The adage that “these things take time” is never truer in business. If you’re new to the process of running a business, everything can seem like a massive strain on the company, from employee issues to paying clients, it can all have its toll. What is the solution? Having the right tech to make your business run a lot smoother is one approach, but the other one comes from yourself. So, here it is, an internal and external makeover for your business operation.


Tech: CRM

Tools like this are a very common way to make business processes work so much better than before. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential piece of ecommerce and businesses that deal with the public on a regular basis. It can be a bit complicated to explain what it does, but as a method to helping your back-office functions work that much better and save your staff time on minor admin duties that can add up to a lot of lost work hours, such as customer callbacks, or follow-ups on certain leads, CRM is a wonderful addition to any business.


Total Calm: Relaxation

Running any sort of business means pressure, stress, and anxiety. From ordering the QSFP+ 40G Patch Cables to dealing with employee anxiety, you will have it all thrown at you. So having the right coping mechanism to deal with this sort of stress will help you win half the battle. If you know what your stress triggers are, you can head them off at the pass! But having a regular practice, like yoga, or meditation, or even binaural beats. I work with this track playing in the background, which has been designed to reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) and put you in a relaxed state. You may find that playing with the dog is as stress-busting as it gets! Whatever floats you boat, just be sure to make it a daily practice.


Tech: The Cloud

Upgrading to the cloud has many benefits over the typical computer storage system, from vastly more memory to reduced energy costs. Many businesses now opt for the cloud due to its usability, and if you are planning to spend money on a new system, you need to be sure it will hold enough data. So go up to the cloud.


Total Calm: Start To Lead By Example

There are two types of leaders, those that call themselves the boss and don’t associate themselves with people “beneath” them, or there are those that pull their sleeves up and muck in. If you are new to leading an organization, it can be very difficult to find the right balance of personality and leadership. The best way is to lead by example. The organization is working to your lead, and you are the face of the business, so encourage others to work in a certain way by asking them to do like you do, not doing what you say!