The Best Holiday Destinations for Disabled Children

When you have a child who is disabled, holidays often require a little more forethought and planning than they ordinarily would. In some cases, you have to run them almost like a military operation, ensuring that the whole family has a great time, without anyone’s health or happiness being compromised.

Luckily, travel destinations are becoming increasingly disability friendly, with most first world countries now prioritising accessibility and inclusiveness for all. If you’re thinking about your next holiday, and you’re in need of a little inspiration, then here are a few ideas to help you…

#1: London

The UK has a fantastic track record for inclusiveness, and all of its major tourist destinations cater to those who require wheelchair access, or other aids to enhance their experience. With attractions ranging from the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, a host of art galleries, zoos, and more, there’s something for children of every age to enjoy. Public transport is also extremely disability friendly, and for those looking to stick around for a little longer, there are many companies, such as Allied Mobility, that offer wheelchair accessible vehicles to help you save on fares. These can be sold on again when you’re through with them to make sure that you’re not left out of pocket, and can make all the difference to your home away from home travelling experience.

#2: Paris

Like its English brethren, Paris is extremely disability friendly, and it offers a host of fantastic activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Almost all of its major tourist attractions have been adapted to enhance their inclusiveness, and the hallowed streets of Disneyland have been designed to be accessible to every child that wishes to visit, no matter the difficulties or challenges that afflict them. With easy to use public transport to boot, there is little in Paris to stop your family from fully enjoying your French vacation.

#3: New York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world, and like London and Paris, it seeks to embrace everyone that chooses to visit it. With accessible public transport, a host of fantastic hotspots for the whole family to enjoy, and an entertainment scene that caters to all ages, it’s another wonderful holidaying venue for those with disabled children.

If you’re searching for the perfect destination for your next family getaway, could one of these cities be the ideal option for you?