Top Things to do in Jersey

Jersey is a small island located around 14 miles from the coast of France, making it an exotic destination without the exotic price ticket to get there. There’s so much to do on Jersey that you may find yourself hoping to return every year for your family vacation. On this bite sized island you’ll find a wide assortment of activities and attractions, from the stunning beaches, to the wonderful spas, and of course fun outdoor activities like climbing and kayaking. If you’re not sure how to spend your holiday in Jersey, here are some of our top things to do in Jersey:

1. Head to a Beach
You’ll be spoiled for choice as Jersey is a small island, which means there’s decent beaches dotted all around the coastline. Grouville Bay is a lovely option, the bright yellow sand contrasts the blue waters perfectly and is a lovely beach to sunbathe or build sandcastles on with the kids. Beauport Bay is another extremely beautiful option, this cove is accessed by a stairway, providing a stunning look out point over the beach. However the stairs do make it a little challenging for those with young children, so keep that in mind before making the trek out there. St. Brelade’s Bay is another lovely option with pale sand and a great beach vibe.

2. Outdoor Sports
If you’re like me and love outdoor sports, you’ll be in your own version of paradise on Jersey. Here you can easily rent jet skis and cruise across the water. If you’re interested in something a little more relaxing, why  not take the family out for a fun day of kayaking? There’s also rock climbing, beautiful walking trails, boat tours, fishing trips, scuba diving, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, surfing and more. You’ll never be bored in Jersey!

3. Explore a Castle
The Mont Orgueil Castle is a wonderful place to visit with numerous secret rooms, towers and maze-like staircases. Housed inside the castle are numerous exhibitions, including one named “The Queen” which was produced by light artist Chris Levine and holographer Rob Munday. This is home to a world-renowned holographic portrait of Her Majesty, which was produced in order to mark Jerey’s 800-year-old relationship with the monarchy. Make sure you have a few hours to explore the exhibitions inside the castle as well as the castle itself.

4) Go on a Food Tour
Jersey is home to numerous wonderful restaurants, including La Bastille Brasserie where you’ll find the only authentic French Brasserie in Jersey. Here you’ll find a wonderful mix of traditional and modern dishes. Don’t forget to take your camera along as some of the plates are absolutely stunning. Whenever I visit a coastal town or island, I love to indulge in seafood. Here in Jersey your best bet for mouth-watering and extremely fresh seafood is the lovely La Chaire. The dress code here is smart casual and make sure your bring your appetite!

No matter what type of holiday you’re seeking, Jersey has a lot to offer. The next time you visit Jersey, be sure to try out some of our top 4 things to do there.