Top Things to do in Las Vegas

Although it may not appear to be so, America is a conservative nation. Americans are people very much bound to their traditions and to their beliefs, but when it comes to particular areas of the US, you will discover that light, opulence and money take over traditionalism and settle themselves down even when everything surrounding them is dessert.


Las Vegas is a city of splendour and spending. Visiting Las Vegas will feel a lot like taking a huge energy drink and allowing it to pass through every inch of your body. Every step you take, something will amaze you with its grandeur, and, sometimes with its irresistible kitsch. Las Vegas is probably the center of all gambling entertainment of the world and there is absolutely no way at all you can get bored there. Las Vegas is the perfect place if you’re planning a bingo holiday , but that’s not all that Las Vegas has to offer.


Go to The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Alright, you may not have come to Vegas to explore nature, but this one is truly, truly worth it. If you are burning with the excitement the games gave you, take a trip to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and you will discover a world of colour beyond the city. The view here may not be glittery and sparkly, but it will definitely take your breath away.

Visit the Marjorie Barrick Museum

Yes, the famous Las Vegas can be a good family holiday spot as well and there are plenty of things to do and see even if you are there with your spouse and children. The Marjorie Barrick Museum is a perfect example for this. Here you will be able to see quite an impressive collection of natural history pieces, as well as anthropological exhibitions, mostly focused on Native Americans and even earlier cultures, such as cultures from the Mesoamerican period.


Get Married

Do you know all those movies where they (accidentally) get married in Vegas? Truth is that, among all the things this American city of wonders has to offer, getting married is one of the most popular ones. If you are visiting Vegas with your lover, partner or even with your spouse, you can make a commitment to each other and get married right away. Go to the Chapel of the Flowers if you want to get married in one of the earliest wedding chapels there and go anywhere else to be married by Elvis or by other celebrity impersonators out there.

Go Anywhere

Las Vegas is famous for the fact that it exhibits architecture that is meant to imitate famous places in the world. From Polynesia to Egypt, there is a vast array of buildings that are hanging in between wonderful kitsch and marvelous modernity and each of them will offer something to do. Some of them are hotels and resorts, others are casinos wher– but each building in Las Vegas has its special appeal and its special “fragrance”.

Vegas is definitely one of America’s most famous cities and it is a place where you will find something to do for every moment you are there. From parks to games, from wedding chapels to splendid buildings and from luxurious relaxation to the natural wonders guarding the city, there is something for every kind of tourist there. Chances are you will be smitten with Vegas and its special charm and that you will want to come back here again – and as soon as possible.