Top ways to earn money while travelling

Many people think that the cost of travelling is simply too high, but if this is something you believe, think again. You can now make up some of this cost while you’re actually on the road, and here are some top ways to earn money while travelling:

Rent out your car

Instead of having your car sit at home in your driveway or in the airport parking lot, you can now rent it out instead. There are two main services you can try, including Turo and FlightCar which will cover the amount you would spend on airport parking, and actually earn you up to $450 a month (you can also use the valet service to get to and from the airport.


Make some videos

If you’re the type to take a bunch of videos while you’re traveling, only to forget about them as soon as you get home, it’s time to change this habit. GoPro has a new awards platform which has $5 million in prizes each year for footage that you shoot on their action cameras. Some participants have won multiple times- meaning up to $10,000 in prize money each month, and Go Pro can make this footage available for a number of film producers, ad agencies, and more, so they can use it for future campaigns or projects.

Be a courier

Next time you’re taking a road trip, be a Roadie Driver, which lets you get paid as you deliver packages along the way- as long as you’re fine with a few strategic stops. Prices vary depending on how big the object is and how long your journey is.

And if you’re planning to travel internationally, WorldCraze will even allow you to make money by delivering things from your home country to people at your destination- think vegemite for kiwis.


Make money walking

If you’re like most people, you probably walk a lot while you’re travelling. But did you know that you can put it to good use? Check out Pact, which lets you choose what days you’ll be able to reach 10,000 steps, and if you meet your goals you’ll be making money off the people who didn’t meet theirs. You can cash out at the end of the week- it’s not much, but it’s an easy way to make a few bucks if you’ll already be walking anyway.

Bet online

If you haven’t yet tried this, you may not yet be aware that you can make some serious cash by betting on sports online. Often, while we’re overseas we’ll pop into an expat bar to watch a big sports game, and if it’s a sport you consider yourself to be an expert in, you may just find that you can earn a pretty penny if you bet right. This is any easy way to make money and also make watching sports even more fun, since you’ll be directly impacted by the outcome of the games.