Vape Coil Building for Beginners

If you enjoy vaping with mods and customizing your devices, you may be itching to go the extra mile by building your own coils. Whether you’re interested in saving money or you simply want to start a productive hobby, coil building is a great way to enjoy your oil vaporizer pen. Here are some easy tips to start building your own coils.

Get the Necessary Tools and Parts

Make sure you have all of the items on this list:

  • Wire made from kanthal, stainless steel, or nickel.

  • Wire cutters.

  • A small screwdriver or thin metal rod.

  • Tweezers.

  • RDA.

  • Ohm meter.

  • Wicking material.

  • Small scissors.

  • Torch lighter.


Once you have these tools and accessories, you’re ready to begin.

Building the Coil

Here’s a step-by-step guide to coil-building:

  • Cut the wire: About three-to-four inches long should be sufficient.

  • Heat the cut wire: Hold the wire with tweezers and use a torch lighter to heat the wire until it’s glowing bright orange.

  • Wrap the wire: Take your thin metal rod or small screwdriver in one hand, holding the end of the wire against the base with your finger. Then, start coiling the wire around the rod or screwdriver. Wrap the wire approximately eight times.

  • Install the coil: Loosen the screws from your RDA deck. Then, hold your rod or screwdriver over the deck and place one end of the coil into the negative hole and the other end into the positive hole. Tighten the screws.

  • Test the coil: Test the RDA with your ohm meter to ensure there are not any shorts and your coil has the proper resistance. If you get the proper readings, fire it up and make sure it’s glowing an orange color.

  • Wick the coil: Once the coil has cooled off, use a wicking material such as cotton, ekowool, or silica. Cut your wicking material so that it fits tightly inside your coil with about half an inch extra sticking out from the end.


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