3 Retirement Investment Options: Pros & Cons

Sometimes in life, you just need to be simple. No agenda; no trying to guide someone towards a particular point of view – just straight down the line. The facts; the realities as they are.


So let’s keep it simple. When you’re thinking about your investment options to retire, what are the choices before you?


Option 1: Stocks & Shares





  • If you get it right, then stocks and shares could be a viable chance for investment for you. As with any high risk strategy, this is paid off in high returns – meaning that you stand to make more money than potentially any other investment choice.

  • Much of the work can be outsourced with an experienced broker or financial expert, meaning you can just sit back and watch it all happen.




  • As mentioned, the stock market is inevitably high risk. While it stands that you could earn a lot, you could – potentially – see your entire investment wiped out in one go.

  • You will have to pay a percentage to anyone who does the work for you, meaning less of the returns go into your pocket.


Option 2: Property Investment





  • Investing in real estate has the potential to deliver great rewards, especially if you’re not averse to making the effort to improve a rundown place. This could mean your eventual sale price is far higher than the money you paid.

  • Unlike stocks and shares, property investment is tangible; it’s a thing you can hold, touch, visit, and be in contact with. There’s no speculation involved; everything is right there at your fingertips.




  • The property market is unstable, and is usually one of the first things to falter during an economic downturn. This can make long-term investing feel decidedly risky.

  • If you’re planning on buying a house which you will then rent out, there’s a lot more work involved in being a landlord than you might initially anticipate. Be very careful to ensure you are in possession of all the facts before taking a step like this, or you could find your retirement is no longer so calm and simple!


Option 3: Gold





  • If you liked the tangible idea related to property, then gold is an even more realistic investment. You can keep your gold coins or bars safe, checking on them whenever you want, with no risk a sudden banking crisis could wipe out your investment.

  • The gold market is relatively stable. Even during the more severe economic downturns of the past, the price of gold has remained relatively stable.




  • The aforementioned stability is made possible by the fact the gold market is not suddenly going to spike and turn you into a multi-millionaire overnight. There’s no easy pathway to riches with gold. It’s about buying, saving, and selling at the right time – if you choose to sell at all.

  • Often, you will find that you have to sell your gold back to the company that you bought it from. While there are various ways of overcoming this, it’s worth bearing in mind.


So there we have it; three options to choose from, all as different from one another as it’s possible to be. Which do you think is the most tempting?