Sobering Realities Of Living In A Tourism Hotspot

It should be the dream; you’re living somewhere that other people make the effort to visit for a holiday. You have permanent access to the kind of areas and experiences that other people travel for hundreds of miles to see; a non-stop holiday town where everything always feels perfect. It doesn’t matter if you grew up there or chose to relocate to your favorite holiday spot; the expectation is a positive one.


The reality, however… it’s not so good, in some ways. In reality, living in an area that’s popular with tourists can be problematic – more than you ever imagined. So to try and understand the issues that people living in dream destinations face, here are a few of the realities that bring them smack back down to earth…


#1 – Tourists


It sounds like a known element, especially if you decided to move to an area after first visiting it as a tourist yourself. Of course your home is going to be surrounded by holidaymakers – that’s part of what makes the area so attractive to you, too!


Of course, that might not necessarily be a good thing. Tourists, by and large, are good people; but they tend to go a little wild when on holiday. If you’re just trying to enjoy an evening out, then the last thing you want is to find yourself jammed between three different bachelor parties, cutting loose for the weekend.


It’s also going to be busy at peak times. Simple things like doing the school run or your weekly grocery shop are going to be far more difficult, as you try and navigate a path through a throng of daytrippers.


#2 – The Property Market


If you live in a desirable area, then trying to buy a house there is going to be expensive. That in and of itself is fair enough; if an area is in demand and there’s not much supply, then of course the prices are going to rise.


What you might forget you have to contend with is the fact it’s not just locals who are buying the property. You’ll now find yourself fighting for real estate with people who won’t even live there; instead, they’re buying a second home that will be vacant for 40 weeks of the year. For example, Boca Raton in Florida has seen a 8% rise in the price of properties in the last year – and story that is repeated throughout the country.


#3 – Where Do You Go On Holiday?


If you live in a tourist paradise, then it might seem like you’ve got the feeling of being on holiday all the time – but everyone needs to escape. If you’re just going to pack up for another tourism hotspot, then it can feel a little like nothing has really changed. You get that lifestyle all year round and it’s great, but it does mean you don’t quite have that sense of escapism that other people get.

Nevertheless, despite all of the issues posed above, chances are you will think it’s worth it. Tourist areas can be vibrant and ever-changing in the most amazing ways – and definitely good enough to overcome the odd issue!