4 Tips for Moving Cities

While moving to a new city is a great adventure, it can also become a bit of a logistical nightmare. I’ve moved overseas numerous times, as well as to different cities within the same country. It’s always a lot of work moving, but with these 4 tips for moving cities you can be even more organised and have a smoother move! 1. Visit Before you Commit I personally think it’s so important to visit where… Read more »

History Comes Hand in Hand With the Horse Races

The sport of horse racing goes back centuries. In actual fact it is the oldest known sport that is still being contested in the modern world, in its most basic sense dating back centuries. The sport originated in Mongolia and was active during greek and roman empires and ancient Egypt, and has evolved in its prestige since then to become a pivotal sport in today’s modern age. Indeed throughout time it has been a staple… Read more »

Are We Really Ready to Switch to Electric Cars

In most countries around the world the governments are pushing towards the use of Electric cars, with many countries implementing deadlines when petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will no longer be sold. In the UK, for example, the deadline is now 2035 although there are some government advisors saying this should be brought forward even earlier to 2032.

With the deadline potentially just over a decade away, it begs the question are we really ready… Read more »

How Expensive is it Really to Own a Car?

Owning a car is a wonderful asset to most peoples lives – it affords you a freedom you simply can’t get with public transport. You can load up your car and drive in any direction you want, escaping for a fun weekend away, or commuting to work each day in style and comfort. Owning a car can come with quite a few costs many of us don’t think of when getting a car: such as… Read more »

Integrating cycling into your everyday life

You don’t need to be an aspiring athlete to start cycling, you can introduce it into your everyday life gradually by pedalling from A to B. Join family-owned cycling retailer Leisure Lakes Bikes as they take you through a guide on how to start cycling every day and the benefits of doing so…

How to integrate cycling into your daily commute

According to the UK’s best-selling cycling magazine, you’ll want to get… Read more »

Cleaning your barbecue

During the winter months, we often neglect our outdoor equipment and furniture.  From potentially October through to April, we tend to turn our backs on our gardens and wait patiently for the warmer months to come back, before we step into them again. Because of this, your equipment can become unusable due to the build-up of unwanted residue.

The Harsh weather over the months can cause havoc on any item outside, especially your… Read more »

Four Gifts Your Wife is Sure to Love

Shopping for your wife can be a challenge, whether it’s her birthday, valentines day or mother’s day, there are plenty of reasons to spoil your wife with a special gift. After many years of dating, it can be harder and harder to come up with creative ideas that keep her surprised and excited. I personally like to ask people for gift suggestions so I know I’m getting them something they really want, but if you… Read more »

Technology That Can Make Your Life Easier

We use technology every day to make our lives easier, but there’s probably quite a lot of technology that you have never even heard of that can make your life easier. Here are my top 4 technology suggestions that you might not have even heard of:

1. Professional Scales

Whether you’re working in a lab, or a master chef, a good quality scale can make all the difference. Getting… Read more »

5 Best International Destinations for the Shopaholics

If your soul begins pounding at the blunt sight of a “sale” badge, or if you have been recognized to push other buyers out of the way for exclusively getting amid you and those must-have boots, this tally is for you.

We have summed up the planet`s five best international destinations for shopaholics for those of you who arrange your trips with retail therapy built-in, whether you are in… Read more »

The Most Comfortable Swimwear That Also Lets You Get a Great Tan

A great swimsuit is definitely a wardrobe essential but finding one that is the perfect combination of comfort and style can be really challenging. So much of the time it seems as though you either find a super comfortable suit that is plain and boring or you find a super sexy swimsuit that is anything but comfortable! And one of the most annoying things about the majority of swimsuits is coming away with annoying… Read more »