3 Ways to Upgrade Your Diet

As they say, you are what you eat and the type of diet you follow will be one of the biggest contributors to your health and vitality. For that reason alone, you should do everything you can to ensure you’re eating the best quality foods you can. If you’re feeling low energy, notice that you have really strong sugar highs and crashes, or are riddled with health issues, you might benefit a lot from doing a health upgrade. Keep reading to learn my top 3 ways to upgrade your diet.

1. Go Organic
Changing to organic produce, whenever you can, is one of the best ways to upgrade your diet. For something to be considered organic it needs to meet strict guidelines about how and where it’s grown. As a general rule it has to be grown on soil that hasn’t used any fertilisers or pesticides in the previous three years. This gives you a lot more peace of mind about what kind of things you’ll be ingesting. There’s a bit of a stigma that organic produce is a lot more expensive than standard produce and while that can be true, you can go directly to the producers to cut back on costs.

2. Get More Nutrition
Focusing on the nutritional value of what you eat can be a great way to improve your overall health. The modern diet is filled with a lot of ‘filler foods’ which are extremely processed carbohydrates which really offer little to no nutritional value. Things such as white bread, pasta, rice etc while they’re fine to eat in moderation, I notice when I’m using a lot of these in my meals then I’m using and eating less fruit and vegetables. One great way to get in a huge boost of nutrition is by enjoying acai bowls which tend to be made with berries, bananas, fruit and even nuts and seeds on top. It’s a great mix of highly nutritious things and the perfect start to your day.

3. Do a Detox
I’m not a big fan of crash diets or yoyo dieting, but I think doing a managed detox can be a really great thing for you. It can be a good opportunity to see what foods don’t agree with your body, whether something is inflammatory for you and maybe it’s worth cutting it out. It can also be a great way to give your body a break from processed foods, alcohol, and anything else that could be slowing it down and inhibiting your digestion. Check out Pasc-fhcp.com for some more information on food manufacturing in Canada.

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