5 More Rules To Lead A Healthy Life

Drinking water, exercising daily, and getting a good night’s sleep. These are all wonderful starting points for leading a healthy life. It covers the basics as outlined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Though, we’re intelligent, social beings that need more than the basics to survive.

Leading a healthy life is not only the physical but the psychological, too, which is why I’d like to expand on this topic and share five more rules to the mix.

1. Accept Yourself

You are the result of billions of years of randomness evolution. Each day may not feel stellar because external influences take jabs to lower your self-worth but the mere fact you exist is mind-blowing and not something to waste.

Learn to love yourself:

·  Be proud of your strengths and accomplishments

·  Let go of the troubles and forgive yourself

·  Don’t listen to that negative voice

Comfort in your body creates confidence – and confidence leads to…

2. Take on Personal Growth

You’ve found your place (or have at least accepted) your place in this world. Great! Now begins the journey of personal growth. This is a never-ending quest but one that rewards with each step forward.

Might I suggest:

·  Eliminating addiction by using program or rehab center to set your mind straight

·  Setting tough goals that are five, ten, and twenty years ahead to align your efforts

·  Study and learn something new each day – and practice and art to unleash creativity

We all have troubles holding us back. Some people are in need of methadone rehab centers to handle substance abuse problems. Others have simply allowed themselves to become lethargic and avoid hard work and commitment. Yet, the great thing about life is that it’s always moving forward. All we need to do is take positive actions and go with the flow to actualize a great existence.

3. Find a Purpose in Life

What is your purpose in life? I mean your REAL purpose?

Not one influenced by friends and family or has you following an idol. I’m talking about what motivates you to keep going – that dream that excites your passion.

You’ll love Mark Manson’s take on finding life purpose by asking strange questions. If this isn’t your thing then might I suggest disconnecting? We know for a fact that social media has a negative impact on our lives because we unfairly compare ourselves to others. This skews our perception of the world and changes dreams and goals. Disconnect and use the time for deep thought and understanding.

Trouble letting go? Try meditation.

4. Build Positive Relations

Isolation and loneliness not only causes havoc on your psychological well-being but causes physical harm due to chronic inflammation. We, humans, are social animals; we do best when we’re a part of tribes.

Relationships are built on:

·  Trust

·  Empathy

·  Affection

·  Intimacy

It’s easy to isolate yourself as you age. Yet, loved ones move or pass on and soon we’re alone unless we remain outgoing. A healthy life is lived when we’re warm and open to new relationships. These relationships help build our self-acceptance, offer opportunities for personal growth, and could refine our purpose in life.

Afraid? Don’t be… we’re all a little weird so get out there and find someone that matches your weird.

5. Try at Environmental Mastery

It’s impossible to control all aspects of your day-to-day activities. Let go and focus your energy into those activities you can control.

Activities like:

·  Using your time productivity

·  Adapting to surroundings

·  Communicating with others

·  Improving your knowledge & understanding

Watch the stress melt away when you no longer worry about the uncontrollable. You’ll make do with what you can and use the opportunity to lead a better, healthier lifestyle.


Carol Ryff is to thank for this identification into the criteria of well-being. It allows us to understand that healthy living is a balance of physical and psychological well-being. Make the effort to improve your psychology as important as physical wellness because life is better when you feel whole.