How to Get into Finance

Many people dream of a job in finance, it’s one that’s often very challenging and financial rewarding for those who know how to be smart with money. Although a major challenge for a lot of people is how to get into the world of finance. Experience and qualifications are everything within the finance industry and will open a lot of doors for you.


Get qualified – If you are serious about working in finance a qualification in financial analysis or an MBA will really help you to get a good job. The best choice for a MBA in finance is to go to a top business school. Rankings mean a lot to finance recruiters who often exclude those from poor schools. Going to a top business school with also introduce you to a great network of people who have similar goals and motivations as you. The key to being valuable in the finance industry and being recruited is to have skills that other people don’t have, you can only do this by getting educated.


Take an internship – An internship is one of the best ways to get experience within the finance sector. There are both paid and unpaid internships, generally there is much more prestige attached with paying internships. An internship will give you a great understanding of how the sector works and how you can work within it. You will also meet many people who will be able to help you out to work in the sector. One of the key things to getting a good job is connections, good performance in an internship can often guarantee you a job.


Network – As mentioned already, knowing people is key to getting a job within the sector. Meet people who will be able to get you a job in the sector. What many people do is attend industry trade events and networking events to meet people who want people like you. Show off your valuable skills at these events and be valuable to other people by acting as an intermediary. Almost all jobs are given because of personal connections, cultivate good professional connections and start building a network today.


Getting into finance shouldn’t be as hard as you think. There are many things you can do to set yourself apart in the finance sector. Once you are within the market you are set to earn a huge amount of money with careers in finance being very financially rewarding although beware they can be very physically and mentally tiring.