So You Want To Build Your Own Home? Here’s How To Make It Happen

Why is it you can never find the perfect property? It’s unlikely you demand too much from a house. Instead, you simply can’t find something that is right for you. Why would you? After all, you’re unique, and the lifestyle you want can’t always be found ready-built. Instead, you keep finding properties that are nearly right, but not quite. Maybe if you knock down this wall, and built up that extension? Perhaps it’s time to consider building your dream home?


The first thing you need to do is secure a plot of land. Just hunting for that elusive view can take a while. Don’t forget, you can landscape it to sculpt it into your perfect vista. All you need is the space and the permissions to build what you want there. Services need to be connected so don’t go too rural. Of course, some land packages are simply too big. What if you chose to develop more than one property there?


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Developing two or more houses means you can earn back the costs of your project more quickly. Yes, you’ll end up with neighbours, but you can design your development however you like to ensure maximum privacy. You might need to consult some expert development brokers to help you find the initial funding for this project. Perhaps you’re keen to tackle this as a business venture instead of a purely personal one?


Of course, you might find an old house that is ripe for development. You might choose to buy it as an investment property, or you might choose to knock it down and use the plot for redevelopment. There are plenty of choices in this case. You could become a landlord, sell it on, or even use it as your home. It’s important to look at any project like this as a financial investment. After all, you need to make sure your money is safe in the project and has the potential to grow in value.


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Now you have your plot, you need to refine the architectural plans to get the green light to build. This can take several months, but it’s worth the effort to get your perfect property. You might also be finding the contractors that will be able to take your plans and build your home from them. Choosing the right team can also take time, but it’s important you choose people you can trust, and you can work with under pressure.


Have you ever taken on any work as a project manager? This is a very personal project for you. It makes sense to want to oversee and control every aspect of it. But without experience in this area, things can go wrong. Ideally, you would already have experience working in property development and building. If not, contract someone to take this on for you.


Once your home is built, it’s time to pick out the fixtures and fittings, dry out the plaster, and start the decorating. This, for many, is the best bit. You can see what you’re getting, and you can be as creative as you like. Could you build your own home?