3 Great Careers for People Interested in Education

Education offers the foundation that we all rely on in our daily lives. Whether you work in broadcasting, engineering, or serve in the armed forces, the education that you’ve received (both formal and informal) colors your understanding of and interactions with the world around you.

For many, a career in education-related fields offers a lifetime of fulfilling work that can really make an impact on the world around them. If you’re thinking of investing your… Read more »

What Exactly is POS/POI and How Can It Help My Business?

When entrepreneurs start a business, their goal is to make money. A business is successful when it makes money on its own, essentially on autopilot. You may be wondering how a business owner gets to the point where they can let the business make money on its own. Well, if you are looking to increase your company’s brand awareness and improve your customer experience, you need to look into implementing up-to-date and state of the… Read more »

The Future of the Office – How Work May Look in 50 Years

The other day I stumbled across this fascinating infographic by Citation HR & Employment Law services that shows many of things that may become commonplace in our offices in 50 years. Here are some of the suggestions that I found most interesting: 1. A Holographic Meeting Room Can you imagine meetings where you don’t really have to be there in person? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Sure we have Skype and many businesses use conference calls,… Read more »

Online and Offline: Print’s Relationship with Digital

Ever since the world of online advertisement and digital platforms soared in popularity, some may think that the power of print has dissolved — but that’s not strictly true. From a consumer’s perspective, printed materials can offer a personal touch that simply can’t be achieved online. In fact, many believe that neither print nor digital can truly succeed without the other — but what are the facts?

Why do we need… Read more »

4 Interesting Tools and Services You Can Find Online

If you live somewhere that has a phone book, chances are you haven’t even opened it in years! Now the internet is the perfect hunting ground for all the tools and services you may need. A quick Google Search and you can pull up numerous services in your area. Here are some interesting tools and services you can find online: 1. Heat Trace System Heat line cable products are designed to better withstand the harsh… Read more »

A Quick Rundown of “Making It Work” When Working From Home

Working from home isn’t the picturesque lifestyle so many would lead you to believe.

You’re bound to read pieces about working from home that focus on the positives. The positives of being your own boss or setting your own hours. It’s bundled with images of laptops and beaches, cars and riches, and 4-hour work weeks.

These pieces usually forgo talking about the real ups and downs. The times like being sick and… Read more »

Do you know how to keep your retail business safe from criminals?

If you own a retail business, it can be easy to think that criminals have the upper hand. How often have you completed a stock-take, only to find that you’re down hundreds or thousands of dollars? How often have you heard the beep of your security, only to watch someone run out the door with your products?

According to the British Retail Consortium’s Annual Crime survey, retail crime is on the rise. Incidences… Read more »

Creating A Safe Environment In The Workplace

Starting a business for you might have just begun with your laptop and an idea. Maybe your worked tirelessly every hour that you had to build it from nothing into what it is today. To the point where you have your own business location and employees. It is definitely something to be proud of. But, of course, with that comes added responsibility. You no longer just need to think of yourself and you… Read more »

Selling Your Business? Here Are Some Tips

Selling a business when you’re an entrepreneur is likely going to be an experience filled with mixed emotions. You may be excited to pass your company on to someone with the time and resources to take it to the next level. Perhaps you’ll experience twinges of sadness, after all your business was your baby that you created from the ground up. Some of us will even feel massive relief when we finally sell our business…. Read more »