The Future of the Office – How Work May Look in 50 Years

The other day I stumbled across this fascinating infographic by Citation HR & Employment Law services that shows many of things that may become commonplace in our offices in 50 years. Here are some of the suggestions that I found most interesting:

1. A Holographic Meeting Room
Can you imagine meetings where you don’t really have to be there in person? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Sure we have Skype and many businesses use conference calls, but having holographic meetings would take meetings to the next level. You could show off concepts and ideas properly, all from the comfort of your own home or wherever in the world you might be. I think this is one of the coolest possible advancements and think that it would really transform the office place as we know it.

2. DNA Sensors
Could you imagine walking into the work bathroom and having a full health analysis? It would be pretty amazing and could have considerable impacts on people’s health. Knowing that you have an illness or something coming on before you have any clear symptoms would make treating it so much easier. It would also have considerable benefits for the employers because it would mean their staff are happier and healthier, missing less work and being more productive.

3. Automated Kitchen
Could you imagine a kitchen that automatically prepares healthy and delicious food for you while you work? It would save time so that you could focus on the tasks that are really important to you. It could also be a pretty huge benefit to offer to employees as they would be able to save money on food costs during the working week, while knowing they’re enjoying nutritionally balanced meals while barely lifting a finger!

There are so many cool ways that the office place may change, check out this infographic for more fun ideas: