3 Tips for Looking for Great Packaging

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a source of some great sustainable packaging, or someone looking for good containers for at home use, there are a few things you should keep your eye on. For starters, what kind of materials are in the containers? Are there any that could impact your health? This is really important if food will be stored in the containers or any products that you’ll apply directly to your skin. Is is sustainable and how will it impact the environment? Are they biodegradable or recyclable? How durable are they? Keep reading for my top 3 tips for looking for great packaging.

1. What Are the Containers Made of?
Checking what the containers are made of and the process to make them is important. There are so many different options now for interesting and sustainable packages, you would be unwise to choose anything else! One of the options I like most is https://hempak.com, which offer a range of sustainable packaging options which are customisable and made of Hemp. Not only are they beautiful products, but they’re also lower impact on the environment and not made with any nasty chemicals such as BPA. If you’re planning to use the containers to store food in them, make sure that they are food grade.

2. Are the Containers Sustainable, Biodegradable or Recyclable?
It’s important to consider the environmental impact of everything we do and this is particularly important if you’re a business owner and going to be releasing hundreds or thousands of these products each month. Be sure to check the product for any recycling signs on it and to research what they mean. If they claim to be biodegradable, ask the company directly how long that takes. It can be surprising how long something takes to break down and that might not line up with your company’s ethics, so it’s a good idea to check.

3. How Durable Are They?
If you’re looking for products that you can ship your products in, then you want to make sure your products are going to arrive safely. If you plan to use them around home, then you may want to check if they are leak proof or whether any moving pieces are likely to break down with use. If you’re looking to do a bulk order, it’s better order some samples first to make sure the products are what you think they are. It may even be worth doing a shipping trial to see how it does in the mail and whether you’ll need to purchase packaging to help ensure that they arrive safely.

Great packaging can make a world of difference to your home food storage or your business’ operation. I hope these tips help you feel more confident in choosing the right packaging and storage solutions.