3 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We only have one place to live and it’s important that we take care of it! Life can get busy and it can be really easy to slip into bad habits. It’s important to find ways that we can minimising our waste and how much we’re hurting the planet. I think the best way to make a positive difference is to implement small changes daily that don’t feel like too much work. From taking a reusable coffee cup any time you have a take away coffee, through to using reusable containers when you bring home take out. There are so many things you can do to make the world a better place. Keep reading to learn my top 3 ways to reduce your environmental impact.

1. Reusable Containers
One of the best ways to cut down on wastage is to move to reusable containers. Do you regularly get take away coffees? Well, if you’re not using reusable coffee cups, think about how many cups you’re wasting each year that just end up in landfills and take decades to break down. Likewise if you regularly eat out, why not take your own container from Cannabis Promotions with you if you’re going somewhere you anticipate you’ll have left overs you’ll want to take home. Having reusable things that you use regularly instead of relying on disposable products can do a lot to reduce your environmental impact.

2. Avoid Packaging
When you walk out of the supermarket, how much trash are you bringing home with you? One great way to reduce packaging is to shop more locally. I’ve noticed supermarkets are using such wasteful methods of packaging fruit and vegetables which is just silly when they come with their own packaging — the skin! There are also shops that allow you to bring in your own containers to fill with dry products such as oats, rice, pasta etc so you can buy it without buying the packaging they usually come in. This is a great way to cut down on your waste.

3. Think About How You Travel
How do you travel every day to work? How do you travel when you go overseas or on a trip? There are ways that are more environmentally friendly than others. For example, traveling on public transport is better for the environment than traveling alone in your car. If that’s not an option for you, why not consider car pooling? When traveling overseas, why not consider taking a train or bus over a plane if the distance is not too far? It might not be possible every time, but making this change whenever you can can make a big difference to the environment over the course of your lifetime.

It’s our responsibility to think about how our choices impact our planet and everyone else on it. I hope these suggestions of ways to reduce your environmental impact help inspire you.