4 Tips for Traveling Post Pandemic

Travel is back up and running, which is such a relief. I actually went on my first international trip recently and it was so nice to be in a new country exploring. However, it’s naive to think that the pandemic hasn’t changed things about travel. Many tourism related businesses struggled during the pandemic, and as such there is a bit of a shortage in rental cars, and flights. With these things in mind, there are a few things you can do to ensure your trip goes more smoothly. Keep reading to learn more about my top 4 tips for traveling post pandemic.

1. Go Carry On Only
If you can, go carry on only. This will mean that if your baggage doesn’t it make it with you, you’ll at least have everything you need. In my experience, flights were much more full this trip than they were before the pandemic. My guess is it’s because not all of the flights and routes are in operation yet, so those that are, have a lot more passengers. This means that there’s a chance not everything will fit on the plane. On my recent trip, two out of four of my suitcases didn’t make it to my destination. This is the first time this has ever happened and of course was a lot of stress. If you can go carryon, you wont have to worry about this! Heading away soon? Check out the best orlando vacation rentals here.

2. Book in Advance
I used to be someone who loved booking things a little last minute, but this time around when I did it, things were a lot more expensive at the last minute or just outright not available. This was for things like train tickets, flights and even Airbnb accomodation. Because so many people are taking trips that have been cancelled or postponed for two years, there is a lot of competition for things that might usually not have so many people booking them. For that reason, I think you’ll get better prices and more options if you book further in advance. Looking for a new fiber splicing machine? Check out these great options here.

3. Be Prepared For Cancellations
Cancellations are a part of life, but it’s good to be prepared for them. I’ve never heard of as many flights being cancelled or extremely late, as I’ve heard about recently. This is due to the increased demand and also reduced staff. Many airlines and other tourism related industries are struggling with a staffing shortage, which really impacts how well things can function. Be sure to have enough entertainment, snacks, and clothing to handle any cancellations or delays that come your way. Looking for a fun DIY project when you get home? Why not invest in a ford 427 crate engine.

4. Get Travel Insurance
Purchasing travel insurance is absolutely essential. If you’re not able to afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel in my humble insurance. If you have a medical emergency overseas, or a considerable delay or miss your flight due to medical problems, travel insurance will help you. There are so many different options for travel insurance, and you may even get it for free if you book your trip on your credit card. Check out what options are available to you, but never leave without it.

Traveling post pandemic comes with different quirks than before the pandemic, but it’s still as valuable and special as ever. Be sure to make the most of your upcoming trip with these tips.