3 Thoughtful Gifts to Give a Small Business Owner

Do you have a family member or friend who is a small business owner? Sometimes finding a great birthday or Christmas gift for them can be a challenge. If they’re just starting out in their business and it’s not quite profitable yet, it can be nice to buy a business related gift for them to show your support and to help them make progress. It shows that you’re thinking of them and their work and that you have their back. Keep reading to learn my top 3 thoughtful gifts to give a small business owner.

1. A Commercial Cleaning
Cleaning is sometimes something that’s at the bottom of the financial investments for small business owners. The reality is they often end up doing this themselves when they’re not in a financial position to bring in the experts. So paying for a professional cleaning can be a really thoughtful way to show your support and care. If your friend owns a restaurant, cafe or other food service related business, paying for commercial range hood cleaning can be a really special way to show you care. It can also help ensure they get a good food rating if that’s relevant where you live.

2. Some Specialized Software
Small business owners sometimes make the mistake of doing things themselves instead of using software in a bid to save money. When business is small and you’ve run out of money to invest, this can be the only choice, but it can also prevent you from moving forward. If you know they’ve wanted to use some specialised software, but haven’t had the budget to do so, why not offer to pay for it for 6 months or a year as a gift to them. While it’s possible to manage customer relationships manually, using a CRM software to do so like the best floify can make a huge difference to the overall profits and income of a business.

3. A Photo Related Gift
Photography might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of small businesses, but the reality is that photos can be a really important part of marketing and promotions. I feel that I trust businesses more than have a page on their website at least about the founders, but ideally about the staff too. So for that reason a professional photoshoot can be a great way to help support your small business owner friend. The images can also be used for social media, to help promote engagement. For something a little more interesting, you can even gift them a disposable camera from Analogcc.com for them to take creative photos to share on their social media platforms. This can help engagement and can be a really fun way to show you care.

Owning a small business can be hard, so any support you have for your friends and family members will be really appreciated. I hope these ideas help you feel more inspired the next time you want to buy a gift for a small business owner.