3 Great Careers for People Interested in Education

Education offers the foundation that we all rely on in our daily lives. Whether you work in broadcasting, engineering, or serve in the armed forces, the education that you’ve received (both formal and informal) colors your understanding of and interactions with the world around you.

For many, a career in education-related fields offers a lifetime of fulfilling work that can really make an impact on the world around them. If you’re thinking of investing your time and energy into a career in the realm of education but don’t know where to begin, this guide can act as a great starting point. These three great career paths can help you find the type of work you’re looking for in the world of education and help you start to track toward the entry requirements necessary to gain employment and then move up the chain of command with grace and ease.

1. Teachers are the first line of educational attainment.

Teachers are the first thing that many people think of when picturing “education.” This is because the people who taught you when you were in school acted as the first point of contact for everything you did in an educational setting. Of course, there are a number of support staff and administrative workers who help facilitate this learning, but the crowning glory of any school (and at any level of education) is the teacher.

For those who want to pursue a career in the field of education, teaching is a great option. With the help of an MED instructional design degree (a specialized Master of Education degree program), you can gain a unique understanding of the curriculum design elements of teaching and education more broadly. The best teachers out there are the ones who know that their own learning should never stop, and with an advanced teaching degree, it doesn’t have to. For many teachers, utilizing a digital classroom to promote their own learning is the best approach to this constant commitment to improvement.

A collegiate campus that operates digital learning portals is a great addition to any teacher’s repertoire. Online learning is growing in both stature and included coursework options, and teaching degrees that are attained in this fashion are becoming a hot commodity as a result. Without having to leave the classroom to complete your continued education, you can bring in instructional design and other advanced techniques to a classroom right away as both a learner and educator.

2. College counselors offer support services to those looking to continue their studies.


Work as a college counselor is another great idea for someone who wants to thrive in the educational discipline. Counselors offer tailored support services and educational planning workflows to college hopefuls every single day. Working to assist high schoolers as they prepare to make the jump into college is a rewarding and fast-paced career opportunity. There’s always something new to discover, and each year, you’ll be working alongside a new cohort of students who bring their own strengths, aspirations, and needs to the table. Helping students get into college programs is a great way to give back to the community and promote greater educational attainment.

3. Psychologists and school counselors help students work through their most challenging days.


School counselors are another great area of work that can be incredibly supportive of the educational landscape. While teachers propel the educational planning of the school forward, there are a great many needs that students bring to the table in addition to simply learning. School psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals who work with students every day provide essential support for some of the biggest challenges that growing young adults will face. Everything from a first breakup to bad grades that threaten to derail particular college dreams can play a role in the life of a student. Being there for them is a worthy profession that campus counselors take on.

Consider these career paths for a great opportunity to work in education.