What Exactly is POS/POI and How Can It Help My Business?

When entrepreneurs start a business, their goal is to make money. A business is successful when it makes money on its own, essentially on autopilot. You may be wondering how a business owner gets to the point where they can let the business make money on its own. Well, if you are looking to increase your company’s brand awareness and improve your customer experience, you need to look into implementing up-to-date and state of the art POS/POI (Point of Sales/Point of Information) stations customized to your business needs.

POS/POI stations can be used with just about any business. They include retail, banking, ticket and vending terminals, self-service and kiosks, as well as digital signage. Companies such as Kontron customize POS/POI terminals to suit whatever your business needs might be. Installations can be anywhere your customers frequent, increasing your brand’s visibility. Getting more eyes on your brand will potentially lead to more sales and more esteem for you and your company.


Travel Agencies

A travel agent can install a POS/POI terminal in a busy airport allowing potential flyers the opportunity to get information about, book, and even pay for a romantic holiday. Such a terminal does not need to be in a busy airport either; anywhere large groups of people congregate is an excellent location.

Tourist Attractions

When you visit a tourist hotspot, a number of attractions may be owned by one company. They can use a self-serve terminal that permits tourists to purchase passes for multiple attractions at a discounted rate. Further, multiple businesses can partner together and offer discounts via the self-serve POS/POI, increasing sales, even if tourists do not take advantage of the attraction. Other attractions include rides using radio-frequency identification (RFID)—usually in the form of wristbands held up to an RFID reader—to track a customer’s usage and even use it as a way of charging to a customer’s account.


Cash Machines

More and more people are carrying less and less cash. However, there are still times they need to make a transaction in cash. Conveniently located cash machines—in convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants, just to name a few—allow customers to get cash when they need it. Many businesses install their own cash machines, allowing them to charge for the convenience of customers being able to get quick cash. Even if an individual does not purchase anything, the business still makes money by simply having the POS/POI terminal on their property.

Movie Theaters and Sports Venues

Sure, you can still buy your tickets at the box office, but for some customers, it is much easier to buy their ticket and even snack vouchers at POS/POI terminals set up at the theatre. The best part is, the venue does not even need to be open for customers to make a purchase. For example, a customer is walking past a theater in a mall and a poster of a newly released film catches their eye, but the box office is closed. If this theater has a self-serve ticket booth, that film-goer can purchase their tickets to ensure they do not miss their film of choice.

Brand Awareness 

A common theme among POS/POI terminals is visibility even outside of typical business hours. POS/POI terminals allow regular and potential customers the opportunity to interact with your product on their own terms, something that more and more customers want to do. As previously stated, more eyes on your product provide your business more leads and potentially more revenue.