Top Romantic Trips to Book just in time for Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to surprise a loved one than by making Valentine’s Day super special. As well as the token red roses, soppy card and box of chocolates, why not really show the one you love how much you truly care about them by sweeping them off their feet and spoiling them with a romantic European break this year. Here are the most desirable locations for lovers:

View on Eiffel tower at sunset


The glorious city of love. Paris still remains the number one destination for lovers across the world. With its beautiful groomed gardens, exquisite architecture and gold topped white buildings, it’s easy to see why star gazed lovers head to Paris for a weekend together. Whether you want to share a bottle of champagne on top of the Eifel tower as it glistens at night or take a stroll through the charming jardin de Tuileries and relax by the Ferris wheel, there is a refined femininity and air of freedom to Paris that means lovers will not be disappointed. Stay in the fabulous area of Mont Martre where the great romantics inhabited and experience authentic Parisian life.

Yacht Cruise Ship Sea Ocean Tropical Scenic Concept

The Mediterranean 

If you’re looking for a more relaxing break with guaranteed sunshine, a Mediterranean cruise with NCL is the one for you. Calling it some of the most stunning destinations across Europe, your lover will not be disappointed. Spend your days at sea lazing on the deck sunbathing by the pool and days in port experiencing some of the greatest places in the world. From bustling Barcelona to secluded Greek islands, the diversity of a Mediterranean cruise means there really is something for everyone. Watch gorgeous sunsets as you stroll on the sands one day then drink cocktails in rooftop lounges in some of the greatest cities in the world.



Italy is home to some beautiful romantic destinations. Whether your culture seekers and want to explore the infamous Rome and all its wonderful buildings or head to the beautiful coast is up to you. Indulge in some of the best food in the world or head to the Amalfi coast and see the luxurious authentic Italian towns. Hire a car and explore some of the gorgeous little places from wonderful Capri to  the grand Lake Garda or  you could even head to Florence and see another great city famed for its wonderful art.

Wherever you go this Valentine’s Day, be sure to spoil the one you love with a wonderful European break.

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