5 Tips for Booking a Europe Tour This Summer

Traveling around Europe is one of those Bucket list items that many travel lovers dream of – after all there are just so many great things so see in Europe it can be really hard to book a trip around! Maybe you’ve been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris, walking along Charles bridge in Prague or even cycling around the stunning streets of Amsterdam. One of the reasons Europe is such a great travel destination is that you can see so many history-drenched cities in such a short period of time. If you’re considering a trip to Europe this summer – or next – here are some great tips that will make sure you have an incredible tour around Europe:

1. Consider the Shoulder Season
Booking during the peak of summer does have its benefits: it’s often easier to get time off work or college during the summer months and much easier if you are planning to travel with school aged children, but the truth is if its easier for you, then it’s easier for everyone else. Do you know what this means? Streets that are jam packed with tourists, tour groups that are full, hotels that charge double or even triple their off season rates, photos that are impossible to take without randoms in them. I prefer traveling in spring and autumn when the weather is still good, but things are a bit quieter and it’s easier to enjoy the gems of Europe without feeling like a sardine.

2. Ensure Your Tour is What You’re Expecting
If you’ve just recently retired then you probably don’t want to find yourself on a party bus tour (or maybe you do, no judgement here!). The important thing here is that you end up on what you think you are going on. Read the reviews, ask around for suggestions as to what friends and family have personally tried and tested. If you’re looking to book a tour, make sure you do your own research and invest a decent amount of time into it so you don’t end up disappointed.

3. Take Comfortable Shoes
If this is your first trip to Europe, then you’re going to probably want to be cool and fashionable, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be visiting places that are covered in cobblestones that are challenging to walk on and you will be covering some serious miles. Choose shoes that are practical and comfortable. If you’re going to focus on fashion, at least invest in some inserts that will help minimise the shock and ensure that you have worn them in before the trip.

4. Learn Some Key Phrases
It’s unlikely you’ll be able to be fluent in all the languages of all the places you will visit, especially as there are so many countries so close together in Europe, but try to learn some basic phrases in some of the countries you’ll visit. Simple things like “hello” “please” “can I have” “where is” and “thank you” will go such a long way to making the locals feel appreciated and entertained! You’ll be surprised how much many will appreciate your effort even if you have a terrible accent. It’s also a great way to show respect to the fact that you’re a visitor to their country. This will work a treat especially if you’re visiting France, where they’re well known to be proud of their beautiful language.

5. Take a Proper Camera
Yes, chances are you have a smartphone and chances are it has an excellent camera. But chances are you’re going to want to be able to use your camera’s battery for things like Google Maps, Facebook and for keeping in touch with family and friends back home. If you take a separate digital camera with you, you’ll be able to get highly quality photos than with your phone’s camera, without depleting your phone’s battery all day long. If you would prefer to just take your phone out with you, that’s totally fine, but be sure to have a battery pack with you so you can keep it fully charged!

Europe is such a great place to travel around, there’s so much to do and see! With these tips, I’m sure you’ll have an excellent trip. Have you been to Europe before?