The Top Benefits Of Being A Nurse

Whether you’re pursuing your Bachelor of Science in Nursing or you’re just intrigued by what nurses do, here are all the benefits of doing this tough, yet rewarding job.

You don’t have to worry about losing your job.

Being a nurse means there’s an endless supply of work. Regardless of what happens, hospitals always need nurses – there can never be too many. So while other people may struggle finding work once they graduate, you can be sure that you’ll have jobs lined up for you before you even walk out of the door. Plus you get decent benefits like health and dental insurance, as well as a paid vacation.

You form unique bonds with your patients.

Nurses create so many different relationships with so many different patients. It’s their job to take care of people when they’re sick and give them whatever they need in order to feel better, and sometimes that may just be a smile, or a reassuring hand on the shoulder. Nurses are the people that stand by your side when your family and friends have had to leave. They will be your ears when you need to talk, and they’ll give you their words when you need to listen, and because of this, it’s impossible not to form close bonds.

Your patients will inspire you every day.

Nurses end up meeting so many people that have come from different backgrounds, religions and upbringings. While doing this job can be very hard on the heart and mind because you’re seeing awful things happen to good people, it’s always an inspiring career. You see people who should no longer have hope, be strong and positive, and to see patients look at things in an optimistic manner will make you reflect on your own life, and you’ll be inspired to push harder and reach higher.

You can show off your personality.

As you see on the tv, scrubs are usually green or blue, and every nurse wears them in a hospital. But did you know that with the help of companies like wonderwink scrubs, nurses can funk up their work wardrobe and bring in some bright colours and patterns? This tends to bring a lot of joy to patients because of the wow factor, and you can only imagine the compliments they get throughout the day.

Your coworkers will turn into your bestfriends.

When you’re having to work alongside people doing long hour shifts with difficult people and emotional situations, you tend to form deep connections with the ones that are going through all of that with you. Being a nurse is a lovely opportunity if you want to meet like minded people because you’ve most likely gone through all the same schooling to get where you are today, making them your long lost brothers and sisters in a sense. Each day you will experience something new, and the only person you’ll care to share and discuss it with is your partners in crime. You can expect your colleagues to end up being your closest lifelong friends.