How to take a Luxury Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re sick of travelling cheap and ready to enjoy a little luxury without blowing your budget, this post is for you. Here are some top ways you can have a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank:

Pick the right time

Picking the best possible dates can be crucial when it comes to booking a luxurious holiday. After all, you could end up spending twice as much (if not more) if you plan a trip in peak season compared to shoulder season. There could also be a big conference or event in the area that you want to visit, or it could be school holidays.

Do your research well in advance and be flexible if you’re hoping to travel for less.

Take a shorter trip

If you plan a two-week luxury holiday, only to realise that it costs more than you’d like, why not simply make the trip a little shorter. You could still do plenty of fun things within a week or ten days, and you’ll have more money to spend on accommodation and attractions once you’re there.

Get on water

While you may assume that a vacation on crewed yacht charters are out of your budget, you’ll be surprised at how affordable these can be. That’s because they’ll usually have an element of all-inclusiveness, making it easier to budget for them. If you’ve always wanted to sail around some of the most incredible destinations in the world, chartering for example a luxury catamaran is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience you’re looking for.

Consider a package

One of the best ways to take a luxury holiday is to purchase a package deal. Often, these deals will be snapped up quickly, so you’ll need to be prepared to click when you see them. Do your homework to see if the flights work with your schedule and the hotel is the type of accommodation you’d like to stay in.

Take more people

One of the best ways to save money on vacation? Take more people with you. Obviously, this will depend on who you like to travel with, and if they’re available when you’d like to go on vacation, but you can cut costs in a big way when you’re travelling in a group (plus it can be more fun to share your experience with others).

What are your top tips for taking a luxury holiday without breaking the bank? Leave a comment below.