6 Best E-Cigarettes for your Lifestyle

You’re into the vaping lifestyle, but it’s hard to figure out which brand of e-cigarette is right for you. Are you into cigalikes, which offer you the tactile experience of cigarettes, but with less power in each drag? Or would you rather try a pen or a mod, which are bulkier but give you more options? Exciting options are available to kick start your vaping journey.

Green Smoke

When you want significant control over the amount of nicotine you’re smoking, Green Smoke provides you with plenty of cigalike options. They sell cartridges with 0 percent nicotine, up to 2.4 percent nicotine, with three variations in between. Depending on how you vape, 2.4 percent is often enough to satisfy a pack-a-day smoker converting to the vaping lifestyle.


V2 Cigs

Many companies only sell e-liquid for use in their e-cigarettes. V2 Cigs offers you more than just an e-liquid. If your vaping lifestyle is about experimentation across various mediums, the V2 Pro line of vape pens uses e-liquid, loose leaf, and wax. You simply insert the cartridge of your choice, and the pen automatically recognizes which medium you’ve chosen and uses the best temperature.


The Joyetech eGo AIO is a smart choice for parents and those with extremely busy lifestyles. You don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes around your kids, so you’re ready to switch to the vaping lifestyle. You also have to make sure they’re safe from the liquid and temperatures of your vape pen. The eGo AIO uses a child-proof pressure twist system for the tank, which also functions as an anti-leak measure.


Of all the e-cigarette companies, Vaporcade is the only one that makes a cell phone you can actually smoke. The phone, called the Jupiter, connects to a vaporizing shuttle, and you control your vaping with a phone app. The clever Vaporcade shuttle also interfaces with their Europa mod, giving you serious vaping options. The shuttle is perfect for an unpredictable lifestyle, since it’ll adapt to many vaping needs.


Introverts and noise-sensitive vapers, rejoice. Innokin has developed a vaporizer with noise-cancelling technology. Their CoolFireIV TC 100 uses ClearWave noise-cancelling technology to give you an extremely quiet vaping experience. You probably won’t need a cartridge like this if you get enough of a hit from cigalikes, but if your vaping lifestyle means hanging on to your pen all day, try this quieter model for a zen experience.


Sometimes charging as often as you’d like isn’t an option, especially if you have an extremely busy lifestyle. When you’re going on vacation or into the wild, know that a Kangertech 1300mAh battery will last you a long time. You can even stock up on two or three, if you think it’s necessary.

Vaping unlocks options that traditional cigarettes simply can’t offer. From nicotine content to freedom, you’re better off exploring this lifestyle that studies say is safer than traditional smoking. Have some fun trying out different products to find the one you love the most.