The Ways in Which Your Company Should be Using Data

Data is at the heart of most modern businesses. But what are the key ways in which it should be used? Read on to find out.

Create Personalised Customer Service

When you know about a customer, you can make sure that you are offering them the service they want. It can be more personalised and better for them. You should make sure that you are aware of what their past contact with your company is. This can then help you to address their problem quickly when they contact you with a problem. And you address their needs and preferences directly. If your employees have that data in front of them, it can make all the difference.


Make Suggestions to Past Customers

Every business wants to sell more to existing and past customers. Well, if you are sure to keep a record of the ways in which people have bought from you in the past, this becomes easier. When you know what people are interested in, you can make suggestions for them. This is something that companies like Amazon do expertly. When you look at something or buy something, they keep a record of it. This then allows them to target you with related items that you might be interested in. You should do this too.

Use it When Targeting Customers

When you are targeting new customers who have never bought from you before, it can also be helpful. When you know who your existing customers are, you can use this information to capture new customers. Those new customers are likely to fit a similar profile as your existing customers. So, if you know that 80% of your customers are aged between 18 and 35, that’s the age group that your future adverts should target. It’s a simple thing to do, but it can massively increase your sales in the future.


Make it Easy to Access

You want the data that you store on your computer system to be as easy to access as possible. You don’t want your employees to be wasting time searching through huge amounts of data. It should be easy to access the exact information they need, whenever they need it. Otherwise, the productivity of your business could drop. Access is a big deal, so use the help that you can find. For example, JNB install data networks that might be able to give you the help that you really need.

Protect It Properly

Holding data gives you a position of responsibility too. You want your employees to be able to access that data quickly when it’s useful. But you don’t want people outside your business to be able to do that. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that all the data that you store is protected properly. This means using strong passwords and authorisation checks before access is given to any data. And you will also have to think about external malicious attacks, such as hacks. These can be averted by using a good firewall system.