A Week in London – Things You Simply Have to Do on a London Business Trip

London is a great city to visit and there’s so much to do. If you’re planning a week long trip there, you may be overwhelmed with things to do, where to stay and where to eat. The team at SACO the serviced apartment company have introduced this helpful app to help business travellers figure out their itinerary for a trip to London. If you’re visiting London on business, chances are you may be short on time outside work hours so you’ll want to focus on doing quality things.

Using their app, we have come up with a list of essential things to do in London during your week long business trip. The great thing about their suggestions as there’s a mix of things in the itineraries, so you can tick off a few touristy options in London but also do some things that make you feel like a local. There’s nothing worse than visiting a city and realising that you didn’t really get a feel for it. This app will help prevent that from happening and ensure you have a memorable trip to London!

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Head to the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
It may sound like somewhere serious, but the only thing serious about this place is how good the coffee is. They have private booths and fast internet so if you need to smash out a few emails while drinking a good coffee, this is a great place for you. If you download their phone app, you can earn a free coffee and let’s be honest what’s better than free coffee?

The Museum of London
We know your time is short and precious and there’s a ton of museums in London, but the Museum of London is a great place to start to get some history of London. You’ll get to see Lord Mayor of London’s golden carriage, an assortment of beautiful vintage clothing from an era long gone as well as ample facts about the city and how it has evolved.

Postman’s Park
London isn’t home to a large park like the Central Park in New York City, however you can head to an assortment of smaller parks, such as Postman’s Park to soak up some sunshine on a sunny day. If it’s particularly hot, don’t fret, there’s a shaded path so you can take a nice leisurely stroll while you clear your head of all the day’s work.

Singer Tarven
Formerly a Singer sewing machine factory it has been converted into an upscale bar. There’s ample bricks and an extensive drinks menu, ensuring a wonderful evening where you can relax and unwind. This is a great place to mingle with locals and get to see some of London’s famous bar scene.

Inner Space
Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps the jet lag is catching up with you, or maybe you’re exhausted from back to back meetings? Why not try some guided meditation. Inner space is home to a few other health and wellbeing classes, such as pilates and yoga. Meditation is a great practice that you can continue to grow in and use during your daily life.

These are just a few things you can do in London while on a business trip to feel in part like a local while still appreciating the fact you are a visitor. London’s a wonderful city, so be sure to pack at least a fews of free time on to the end of a business trip so you can really enjoy all London has to offer.