Top Tips For The Ultimate Adventure Holiday

If your children are getting to the age where they can enjoy more vigorous family holidays, or if you want a couple’s break with a little more of a challenge, why not plan an adventure holiday and get the most out of the great outdoors? With ever more resources and activities offered at National Parks throughout the country, planning a break that will satisfy even the most ardent of adrenaline junkies has never been easier. Read these top tips and get the most out of the great outdoors, safely and securely of course.


1. Decide What You Want by What You Need

Assess the group you are going with, are you looking for a wild camping experience or does glamping entice? Perhaps half of the group wants to do horseback riding, and the other say mountain boarding. It’s all very well booking a cheap holiday in a small cabin on a popular hiking trail, but is this going to suit your whole group? Nothing spoils the ambiance of a holiday more than endless complaints about mosquitos or an outside toilet. Do a bit of research about different types of activities and see what suits you best.


2. Read Reviews and Choose Wisely

When deciding on what park to go to, make sure that you select a reputable camp with access to the amenities you require. If you have decided that only a wide range of activities will satisfy your brood, consider Bryce Canyon hotels and book online at Ruby’s Inn for purpose built accommodation close to a wide range of activities. When using a service like this, transfers can be arranged directly from the hotel.


3. Stay Safe

Before you leave, make sure everybody in your group knows of the safety procedures, and make sure you are adequately prepared. Take flares if going hiking, take your own helmets and safety equipment if you can, and always remember fire safety protocol if outdoors. Never light a fire near trees and always make sure that fire is permitted in your location. Do an assessment on each young person and see if they are capable of the activity they want to do. If they are set on horse riding, make sure they are on the right sized pony. The company you use should take this into consideration, but as a parent or guardian, your children are ultimately your responsibility.


4. Enjoy it

The whole purpose of a trip is to enjoy the experience, and if you are constantly on edge, you will not be able to. Once you have decided to go on an outdoor adventure holiday, try to focus on the positive things you can do to stay safe not all the things that could go wrong. Nothing ruins the vibe more than a helicopter parent (a parent constantly hovering over their child in fear that they might do something wrong). So long as you are prepared, you are staying somewhere great and have chosen activities that suit the capabilities of everyone present, you will most likely be fine. Remember, being fearful of activities will prevent you from having fun and may make things more likely to go wrong. If you are terrified of heights, don’t go abseiling!