3 Countries That Offer The Most Incredible Gap Year Experiences

Taking a gap year is something that more and more people are choosing to do, simply because of how incredible the idea of spending a year – or a set period of time, traveling the world can be. Of course, that being said, gap years can be amazing experiences, but only if you pick the perfect location, that is. A lot of the experiences that you will have while abroad depend on the destination that you select, so it’s important to take the time to think your travel plans carefully through, and choose the perfect travel destination for each part of your trip. With that in mind, here are three countries that are guaranteed to offer you the most incredible gap year experiences.

Costa Rica

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Located in Central America, Costa Rica is known as the budget-friendly capital of the area and the ideal country to find adventure in. Home to some of the world’s most incredible infrastructure, an array of tropical wildlife, from monkeys to sea turtles, and a combination of different terrains, from lush rainforest to white sand beaches, this tranquil country has a lot to offer any traveler. It has an array of outdoor adventures on offer, from white-water rafting to high-altitude rainforest trails, incredibly friendly and welcoming people, and then there’s the food – Costa Rica is a foodie’s dream. If you’re not just keen to spend your time exploring, why not volunteer in Costa Rica and do something meaningful and different with your time? From volunteering in schools and orphanages to working with sea turtles, there are plenty of projects on offer here.

New Zealand


From its gorgeous beaches to its snow-capped mountains, New Zealand is a country of incredible diversity. Home to an array of terrains and cultures, New Zealand is a truly unique travel destination – it’s unlike anywhere else on the planet. Because of the beauty of the country, many parts of The Lord of The Rings was filmed here – any views of high clifftops overlooking miles and miles of greenery feature this incredible country. As well as being an incredibly scenic place, New Zealand is also home to many diverse, modern cities, such as Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, for instance.



Fiji is somewhere that ought to be on every traveler’s bucket list, because of how out of this world it is. A beautiful combination of white sand beaches, blue lagoons, and luscious greenery, the many islands that make up Fiji create a traveler’s paradise. Each and every island is so perfect that Fiji is like a mirage; think crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees, coral reefs, lush greenery, and an array of tropical wildlife. Fiji isn’t just a beach location, it’s also home to villages, towns, and even some cities – it truly is a traveler’s paradise. You can even volunteer here, helping to care for sick or injured turtles, among other projects.

Traveling abroad for your gap year can be the most incredible experience, as long as you select the perfect destination, that is. Hopefully, the destinations ideas mentioned above will give you the inspiration and ideas that you need to start planning the most incredible gap year trip.


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