3 Devastating Office Injuries To Avoid

It is undeniable that the past twenty years has seen unprecedented change in terms of lifestyle. Whether at work or at home, habits are changing, and not necessarily always for the better. The younger generation of today are now experiencing medical problems that were previously unheard of.

An increasingly sedentary work environment has led to more health concerns than perhaps meets the eye, but with knowledge and willingness to change, you can protect yourself from the health dangers of the modern office.

Neck Pain

Though it seems minimal, the pain of a strained neck can be unbearable, and can leave people bed-ridden for days.

Office workers are particularly at risk, as an increase in computer work means that the modern worker tends to keep their neck in a fixed position for a long time, reducing mobility and increasing strain on the joints and muscles (which can actually lead to acute arthritis).

You should do neck exercises once every hour, to keep your joints supple and healthy. If you work at computer, lower your seat so that you are looking directly at the screen rather than putting strain on your neck by facing down.

This tops our list as the pain caused from a bad neck can be excruciating. If preventative methods fail, seek a qualified expert. In capital cities, there are physicians dedicated to helping those who suffer with modern injuries. You can find a Chiropractor very easily, as they know that there is demand due to the volume of office-based jobs.

Lower Back Pain

Again, caused by sitting for too long at desks and computers, lower back pain can cause uncomparable pain. Combat this by taking brisk walks around the office once every hour, and ensuring that you take a walk outside on your lunch break.

If leaving the office is a problem, you could even invest in a treadmill desk! These handy little devices allow you to get in a workout (as well as improving your posture) while you work, so no excuses!

Eye Strain

Staring lovingly at a computer screen (because you love being at work, right?) all day is eventually going to take its toll. Your eyes are so important, so it’s important to look after their health. Although not causing pain, eye strains can cause permanent damage to those deep blues of yours, and may result in you having to wear glasses.

You can buy screen protectors to shield your eyes from the damaging computer glare, but even taking regular breaks can help your eyes adjust and repair. But you’re a top employee, and your boss will totally support your needing more breaks, right? Right?

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are well known, as modern science has allowed us to clearly see the effect of food and exercise on our wellbeing. However, it is the minimal health defects that the modern work environment harbors which is much less publicised, but is equally inhibiting.

Remember that your health is more important than your job, so it’s no reason why you can’t protect both at the same time.

Awareness will help you to put into practice the tools of your new, health-conscious worklife, and ward away the effects of a sedentary office environment.


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