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Having a car can be pricey at the best of times, especially when some of the latest news headlines in the motoring industry are factored in.

Anyone based in London, for example, will want to take note of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s recent announcement of a new toxicity charge for the capital.

Auto Express reports that a new £10 emissions charge will be introduced throughout the city in 2017. Known as a T-charge, this will concern petrol and diesel vehicles alike which have pre-Euro 4 emissions standards. Furthermore, the levy will be applied on top of the existing congestion charge that is in place across London, currently set at £11.50.


You might also be concerned by the rising cost of petrol. New details in the latest RAC Fuel Watch figures will be of interest to motorists no matter where they drive in the UK.

This is because the report revealed that in June, the average price of petrol across the country sat at 112.17p per litre. Diesel settled at 112.39p per litre.

“Filling up with unleaded is now £5.64 more expensive, which is enough to make an unpleasant dent in household budgets up and down the country, especially for those who have more than one car or need to fill up regularly,” pointed out Simon Williams, the fuel spokesman at RAC Fuel Watch.

Want to leave the guesswork of driving costs behind? We’ve found the perfect tool made by new and used car dealership, Motorparks.


Check out their easy-to-use Motoring Costs Calculator and you will be able to find out how much it costs you to fill the tank of your vehicle, as well as everything from the price of road tax, breakdown cover and insurance premiums.

Try inputting the same stats in for similar cars to the one you own and you may find that they are cheaper alternatives available too — helping you to make considerable motoring savings.


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