Company Calm – 4 Steps Towards a Less Chaotic Office Environment

All around the world, there are office workers lamenting the fact that they have to spend their days indoors. This is a perfectly natural response to working in narrow, uninspiring booths and cubicles, as has traditionally been the case. It is a particularly difficult time when you live somewhere as breathtakingly beautiful as Australia.

It is one of the reasons why so many alternatives have been emerging over the last decade. From collaborative coworking spaces to super flexible virtual offices, the rules of business are changing and employees are set to benefit. According to recent studies, companies are more productive and successful when they give their workersa little creative independence.

This guide to broadening your horizons and creating a more open, expressive work environment will give you some great ideas.

Consider Alternative Spaces

The first step, particularly if you are looking for a new office, is to consider something different to the conventional lock in leases. Serviced offices, for instance, are sumptuously decorated and come fully furnished, with a high-end aesthetic.

Every aspect of a serviced suite has been designed to make your daily routines comfortable, and satisfying. There are a number of excellent providers in the major Australian cities. Servcorp Serviced Offices are one example and they offer a wide variety of corporate tools.

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Experiment with Remote Work

There are times when everybody has trouble making it into work. You might run into a problem with the kids, get confronted by a family dilemma, or just start feeling under the weather. Often, these troubles lead, at a minimum, to a late arrival and a pretty distracted day.

Sometimes, they result in an absent employee and a disrupted day. However, studies have shown that a relaxed policy on remote work decreases absences. This is because employees are given a chance towork around unexpected disturbances, from their own homes.

Outsource Your Maintenance

One of the best ways to free up time and ensure that your employees stay happy and focused is tooutsource basic maintenance tasks. That way, you don’t have to find somebody to fix routers, computing software, printers, or telephone lines when they malfunction.

If you work from a fully managed serviced office, all you have to do is place a call to the onsite team. There will be somebody with you in minutes. This is particularly useful when it comes to IT and networking problems because they can eat up a lot of internal resources.

Change It Up a Little

Whatever shape or design your office happens to be, it is a good idea to encourage movement throughout the day. Sitting in one place, with no mental stimulation, is a fast track to stunted productivity. Make sure that employees switch up their environment a little.

Whether that means heading down to a collaborative coworking area for brainstorming sessions or just taking in the fresh air at lunchtime, variety has a positive impact on motivation. Where possible, pick office space which contains a mixture of open plan and private areas.

Why a Serviced Office Could Be the Right Choice

Serviced workspaces are growing in popularity with Australian businesses because they offer a new degree of flexibility and independence. While these suites are normally made available on a fully furnished, ready to go basis, the terms and conditions are negotiable.

This means that there’s no lock-in contracts and no penalty charges for terminating or upgrading before the original agreement expires. So, there’s no never any need to worry about how you’re going to grow the company. If you need a bigger office, just ask for a fast upgrade.

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