How To Beat The Stresses Of Moving House

So you’ve taken the plunge. A new life for you. A thrilling new adventure. After what seems a lot of toing and froing and various financial agreements, you’ve finally acquired your dream house. Now that’s all agreed, you just can’t wait to be all settled in with a cup of Earl Grey and feet up on your new leather sofa but unfortunately things won’t be that easy for a while. Yes, moving house can not only be invigorating but also quite a stressful time for everyone involved yet with these top tips, we believe that you can firmly make the best out of this life changing situation.

Before the big move, you need to think about how you want your new pad decorated. What colour do you want the kitchen painted? Sky blue or turquoise? Is there enough room or do you have the budget to build an island in the middle? You need to take your time in making these important decisions. Discuss them with your family. After all, the new house is going to be all of yours to live in for the foreseeable future and it’s vital that every member of your family is satisfied with how it will look.


One aggravating worry about moving house is the actual move itself. Packing up all your belongings together from your old house can take an age. What to throw out? What to keep? What do you do with your old childhood teddybear? The questions you ask yourself are endless. And then once that is finally all done, how are you going to move it all across to your new home? The dining table just won’t fit in your Mini Metro and the kids are screaming blue murder in the front garden. If only help was at hand. Well with haulage companies like Shiply, your prayers are answered. No more putting your back out Dad. Let the professionals do it.

So all your stuff is now in your house thanks to those delightful delivery men. Cheers lads! We couldn’t have done it without you. Now comes the fun task of putting everything in its  rightful place. This next part is all up to you. You’ve bought the house. You’ve imagined where you want everything to be. Your old childhood teddy bear propped up pride of place on the new four poster. So invite all your relatives over, get an upbeat music playlist on the Ipod, rip off the sellotape from that mound of cardboard boxes and start making your dreams come true.


We can guarantee that once this is all done, you can sit back and marvel at the miracles you have created. Yes you did all of this. Pat on the back for you. So why not also have fun with the whole process of moving house. Enjoy the adrenaline rush. Life is short and your dream house awaits you with open arms as well as empty paint pots.


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