Luxury Vacation Lodgings: Which One is Right for You?

When you think of luxury travel, you might think of flying first class and staying in a five-star hotel. But you have so many more options that you can take advantage of to enjoy a better experience and even save a little money. In particular, you have many more choices when it comes to your lodgings, depending on what kind of experience you want to have or what kind of trip you have in mind.

Here’s a look at how your choices for luxury vacation lodgings compare:


A timeshare is the ideal choice when you know that you love visiting a place and want to return again and again. With timeshare ownership, you are guaranteed to have your own space when you want to visit. You will pay far less than you would for a luxury hotel, and you will have much more room for yourself and your family. You will have larger rooms, a kitchen area for cooking whatever meals you want whenever you want, and – perhaps most importantly – privacy. Some timeshares will also come with a pool, hot tub, or other amenities. And if you want to visit someplace new? Many timeshares have programs that allow you to swap your allotted slot for time in a different location.

Luxury Cruises

A luxury cruise is like a luxury hotel on the sea. You get upscale lodgings and have access to numerous amenities, such as fine dining, live entertainment, great gyms, and plenty of recreation. The only hitch for some people is that the whole thing is on the water. If you get sea sick or just aren’t a fan of looking at nothing but ocean for days at a time, you might not like a cruise. Plus, the ship can feel rather crowded if you are a fan of having more privacy during your vacation.

The plus is that you have everything you want on the ship, and almost everything you enjoy will be included in the package price. The ship will also take you to numerous ports, so you get to see many locations in one trip, typically.

Compartment Train

A compartment coach on a train is basically a private room. Think of it like your own suite on wheels. You can leave the compartment for a gourmet meal in the dining car, or head down to a communal car for recreation like live music. When you want your privacy, you can retreat to the quiet and comfort of your compartment.

Many people choose a compartment train when they are traveling through Europe. You can go from place to place easily and then travel overnight and stay on the train. That way, you can see a lot of places quickly and more affordably while also enjoying a bit of luxury.

All-in-One Resorts

All-in-one resorts are especially popular in tropical locations like the Bahamas or Central America, but you can find them just about anywhere. With an all-in-one resort, what you pay covers your lodgings, your food, and some of your entertainment, such as local tours and excursions. You can upgrade to a luxury suite to enjoy a more upscale vacation while also saving some money and enjoying some convenience. Many all-in-one resorts also have additional services on site, such as a spa that offers massages and other pampering services, a personal trainer, and even some art classes.

Air BnB

Air BnB has become synonymous with budget travel since a lot of people use it to stay in someone’s basement or their empty apartment while traveling. But Air BnB also includes luxury Manhattan condos, Tuscan villas, and cliffside mansions. You can find just about any type of lodging on Air BnB that you want.

Besides saving money, the advantage of Air BnB is that you get a whole house or apartment to yourself, giving you plenty of space, comfort, and convenience. You can cook meals and spread out, just like you are at home. You can also give yourself the chance to stay in a place you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be out of reach. Even those on a budget can enjoy it if they choose the right lodgings. You can have a more enjoyable vacation that lets you relax more, bring more of your family members, and even save money on meals and other amenities. Consider these an investment in yourself!

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