Top Benefits of Calling Apps

There are so many different calling apps out there, that you might be overwhelmed as to where to start, especially if you’ve not used on before. Traditionally, making calls overseas was complicated, expensive and often very frustrating. Thankfully, the Internet and smartphones have dramatically changed how we communicate, making it a lot easier and even cheaper to stay in touch. Depending on the calling apps you use, you can get calls that are basically free. I personally use Rebtel’s free calling app but these benefits will apply to most calling apps to some degree.


1) Easy to Use
Once you’ve used a calling app, you’ll soon realise it’s one of the easiest ways for international calling. You can use calling apps either on your smartphone or on a computer, which means no matter where you are you can touch base with home. You’ll find that many calling apps are as simple as using a traditional phone, without the nasty added costs. There’s no fumbling around with calling cards or pieces of paper, just set it up and dial. It’s as easy as that.

2) You’ll Save Money
This is probably the biggest reason that people turn to calling apps for their international calls and the savings can really be ridiculous. Traditional calls across certain international calling zones could easily rack up into the tens or hundreds of dollars within a short phone call. Some calling apps are totally free if you call directly to another user on the same calling app, while others charge a small fee for a connection to an international landline or cellphone. Either way, you’ll save a bunch of money and with the pre-paid method you’ll be able to predict how far your balance will go if there is a charge.

3) Flexibility
You have the option to call to other users if they are using the same calling app, otherwise you can call their home line or cell phone. Generally you’re not restricted to just one method, although some calling apps are just for communicate in the calling app. Most popular calling apps offer their app on a few different platforms, including i-Phone and Android so that no matter your type of phone, you can get in on the calling app savings.

So whether you’re looking to save money on international calling or just need something that’s easy to use and flexible, an internationally calling app is probably the best solution for you.

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