Five Unusual Smoothie Ingredients You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Morning smoothies are a great way to start your day off right. Jam packed with fruits and vegetables, done correctly a breakfast smoothie packs a wallop of nutrients into your day right off the bat, starting you on the track to healthy eating all day long. Sometimes, though, even the most gung-ho smoothie aficionado can get stuck in a boring blender rut. If you’re growing tired of the same combinations, check out these nutritious smoothie add-ins you might not have thought of.

Ginger– Ginger adds a spicy zing to any smoothie that will have you wide awake on the first sip. Wonderfully warming in the winter months, ginger compliments fruit smoothies beautifully. While it’s delicious in just about any recipe, ginger is particularly lovely paired with tropical fruits – try throwing a little chopped fresh ginger in with frozen mango, spinach, banana and almond milk for a peppy morning pick-up that tastes like sunshine.


Coconut Milk – Like ginger, coconut milk also adds a breezy tropical feel to any smoothie, while bringing a delicious creaminess that can’t be beat. As a bonus, it may boost your immune system – coconut milk contains lauric acid, which converts to the antiviral and antibacterial compound monolaurin in the body. Blend some up with orange juice, frozen pineapple, and a fresh banana for a creamy concoction that tastes a bit like a cocktail.

Silken Tofu – Silken tofu is essentially tasteless, absorbing the flavors of whatever it’s blended with. This means it can pack a protein punch in any smoothie without altering the flavor, while simultaneously increasing the creaminess quotient. It’s a win-win-win situation. For a decadent tasting treat, try it blended with frozen raspberries, kale, and chocolate almond milk.

Nut butters – Beyond being delightful on the palate, nut butters add healthy sweetness, good fats, and protein to any smoothie. Just add a generous tablespoon or two and blend away. Maybe pair bananas and peanut butter for what would be Elvis’s favorite smoothie, or go for a more sophisticated match by blending cherries or raspberries and almond butter.


Avocado – If a decadently creamy smoothie is what you desire, look no further than the avocado. Not just for guacamole any more, avocados can boost your breakfast with monounsaturated fats, which (consumed in moderation) are heart-healthy and waistline friendly. While the blending possibilities for this tasty little fruit are endless, try keeping it simple with a blend of avocado and fresh orange juice for a refreshing pick-me-up that’s especially great on a hot day.

While these unusual ingredients will get you started, the real joy of smoothie making comes from realizing that anything goes- as long as your blender blades can handle it. Smoothies are basically breakfast for the mad scientist in you, conducting wild flavor experiments in the secret laboratory of your kitchen. So perfect your evil laugh, and get blending!