Fun Things to do in Calgary

Whether you are planning your winter vacation, or still trying to figure out a last minute vacation before the warm weather disappears, Canada is the perfect destination regardless of the weather. The natural landscapes are absolutely striking, the people are ridiculously friendly and there’s a bunch to do in Calgary that will please all members of the family: from young to old. If you’re thinking of heading to Calgary, here are some must-do things to add to your list, so read up and get excited to book a flight to Calgary.

1. Heritage Park Historical Village:
This is an activity that will delight all members of the family, from young to old. It’s a big park, but you have a few options to get around, from walking, taking shuttle buses, but the real charm is taking the old steam train! Here you’ll find historical houses and businesses such as a bakery, post office and ice cream parlour. It’s a fun day out for the family and sure to provide lots of fun family photos.

2. Fish Creek Provincial Park:
Located within Calgary’s city limited, it’s a beautiful place to walk or hike with your family. The landscape is really striking in all seasons, but fall is particularly stunning – so don’t let the cooler weather put you off. Don’t forget to take a good camera, it’s the perfect place to get some family or couple photos with stunning nature backdrops!

3. The Calgary Zoo:
This is perhaps one of the best zoos in the world – it is up there with the famous ones such as the Singapore Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. The butterfly pavilion is extremely impressive, with a diverse range of butterflies. You’ll feel a little closer to the animals in this zoo compared to other zoos, for example you can actually walk amongst  the lemurs with no glass between you – talk about up close and personal!

4. Glenbow Museum:
Calgary really has a little bit of everything and Glenbow Museum is a great art museum that will delight art lovers. There’s also an extensive section dedicated to learning about Canadian history. Set aside at least two to three hours to fully explore the museum. It’s a wonderful way to get old of the cold weather while seeing a diverse range of exhibits.

If you want a holiday that’s going to have something to offer every family member, no matter the season, then Calgary is the perfect family holiday destination.