Get Road Trip Ready: Car Safety Checklist

I love going on a road trip; whether it’s a day trip to somewhere like the beach or a longer adventure across the country or even abroad. I love the fact you’re able to go at your own pace, stopping where you want and taking as many photos as you want along the way. The truth is, before heading off on a long journey there are quite a few safety checks you need to do to ensure your car is safe and will handle the different road conditions you’ll come across. Here is my road trip cafe safety checklist:

1. Tyres
This is one of the most important things to check before you head off on a trip because your tyres are the part of the car that is contact with the roads you’ll be driving on. Things such as tyre pressure and tyre thread can influence how safe it is to drive your car on the roads. If your tyres do not have enough thread, they can become dangerous very quickly; you may be unable to stop in time and it could result in a pretty dangerous crash, especially if road conditions are not optimum.

2. Windscreen Wipers
If you have squeaky windscreen wipers or wipers that have become inefficient, now is probably time to have them replaced. If you’re driving in the dar, with rain, and the wipers are unable to clear away the rain from your windscreen, you may find yourself unable to see properly while driving which very dangerous. Windscreen wipers are really inexpensive to repair, so consider doing it if you’ve noticed yours are not as efficient any more.

3. Your MOT
If you’re due for your MOT make sure you have it up to date before leaving home. Kwik Fit offer affordable MOT testing so you can be certain your car is up to date without breaking the bank .

4. Oil
I don’t go on that many road trips a year, maybe 2 or 3 so I like to time my oil changes just before a big trip so I know my car is in the best condition possible. After an oil change, I notice that my car just seems to run better. Depending on the age of your car, you may need to have an oil change every six months or every certain amount of miles- either way just make sure that you have enough oil for your long car journey so to avoid damage to your car.

5. First Aid Kit
You never know what will happen on holiday or while on the road, so it’s a great idea to keep a basic first aid kit in your car. Just stock up on the basics like some gauze, bandaids, pain killers and anything else you feel you may need. You can even buy pre-made kits from most supermarkets that offer the basic first aid pieces.

Road trips are really fun especially because you can take your own car and go at your own pace. But it’s important you ensure that your car is up to the journey. Use these simple tips to get road trip ready!