The benefits and joys of a steam shower

A steam shower is a shower with a humidifier that produces steam in the shower, which disperses around the person’s body and creates a warm cloud of vapour, allowing you to sauna like the Scandis.

Some steam showers are simply made by humidifiers being added to regular showers – but others like the Insignia shower cabin are very high tech, including luxurious features like body dryers and chromatic lighting – anyone can invest in a steam shower to suit their budget and style and enjoy the benefits.

High or low tech, colorfully lit or simply, steam showers are a fantastic way to relax, and they have many benefits that you might not expect.

How can a steam shower benefit me?

One great benefit of a steam shower is that it’s a great way to relax your muscles, creating a deep, penetrating heat – ideal for a post-workout soak without the effort of a bath.

As well as that, a session in a steam shower is its detoxifying power; the heat of the steam opens up your pores and allows you to sweat out toxins and excess water, leaving your skin purified. This is a great addition to exfoliating and skincare routines.

The steam can also help to open up your airways, which can be great if you’re suffering from allergies or a cold; the steam gently opens you up and clears your sinuses and lungs, leaving you feeling fresh as a daisy afterward.

Using a steam shower for a lovely pampering session is a wonderful addition to your self-care routine. Shower bombs work wonderfully with a regular shower, but using one with a steam shower really spreads the wonderful smells around and envelopes you in a relaxing cloud. A particularly enjoyable way to use your steam shower before bed is to use a lavender-scented shower bomb or essential oil to create a soporific atmosphere to relax you just before your head hits the pillow.

What are you waiting for?

Having a steam shower is really like having your own sauna, bringing the relaxation and luxury of the spa into your home so you can retreat and look after yourself whenever you feel the need. Whether you need to unclench your muscles after a good workout or a long day, calm down before getting into bed or you’re just in the mood for a thorough detox, steam showers are the way to go.