The Best Places to go for Solo Travel

If you’re looking for a truly rewarding experience, traveling by yourself is one of the best ways to get to know who you are, connect with locals, meet other solo travellers, make new friends, and get off the beaten path.

The best destinations for solo travel are those which allow you to meet new people, but aren’t completely packed with tourists. This gives you the opportunity to spend some time alone, but also find a travel buddy if you’d like to meet someone new.

Here are some of the best places to go for solo travel:



While you may assume that Vegas is only for hens nights and stag do’s, and should be experienced with a large group of people, you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have in Vegas while solo. With so many shows to see, buffets to try, and hotels to explore, Vegas is the gift that keeps on giving, and you may find yourself hanging out with people you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to meet. Vegas is also a great play to gamble and play casino games.

If you cant make it to Vegas but still want the thrill and excitement that comes with casino games, why not consider playing online slots casino. The best part about online casino games, is that you can do it anywhere. Even while you’re waiting for your plane to fly to Vegas!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

While Chiang Mai draws digital nomads and tourists from around the world, there are definitely plenty of reasons why you should give it a shot. Sure, there’s a large expat population here, but that just means that finding friends is easy, and simply a matter of heading to the closest cafe and striking up a conversation with your neighbour.

The low cost of travel here also means that if you’d like to be alone you can hire a scooter and go for a drive, or arrange for a guide to show you around the area for a day.

Dublin, Ireland

If you’d rather get to know locals than fellow tourists, think about heading to Dublin, where the Irish are famous for their hospitality, and the many pubs are sure to help you break the ice. Take a walking tour to get to know the city, and learn more about the many literary greats who have called Dublin home over the years.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the perfect first-stop if you’re planning to travel through Southeast Asia solo. With a small-town feel, and everything you need from home, it has none of the traffic and pollution of its cousin Phnom Penh, and the town backs onto Angkor Wat- a must visit in the region.

This is also a place which won’t break the bank, and you’ll be able to stay at one of the many cheap guesthouses and hostels in the area to meet people. Try the Siem Reap Hostel, and be sure to take the food tour for a taste of Cambodia.

Paris, France

Many have argued that Paris is a city best enjoyed alone, so that you can spend your days enjoying croissants and coffee in cafes, people watching, wandering through the Louvre, and picnicking near the Eiffel Tower.

Simply bring a camera, a journal, and yourself, and enjoy experiencing Paris solo.