Why Coffee Might Just Be The Best Beverage Ever

Coffee is old; in a good way. It has been around for centuries and has sparked several debates about whether it should or should not be consumed. While some call it their reason for waking up in the morning, others think it causes sleeplessness and impotency. So the question remains, is coffee really as amazing as some claim? Yes! And here are the reasons:

1. It boosts your physical performance: Coffee gives you a performance boost and lets you do everything faster and better, there is absolutely no reason to skip your morning cup now!

2. It protects against liver disease and cancer: Coffee is shown to have anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells. Which means that it protects your body against cancer. Studies have shown that caffeine also increases the effect of radiotherapy and tumoricidal drugs.

3. It can make you happier: It has been found that drinking four or more cups of coffee a day could be related to lowering levels of depression. This could mean that the high level of antioxidants in your coffee can work their magic and keep you happier. Another proven way to make yourself happier is doing the things you love whenever you get some free time, whether its playing bingo online at Gamevillage or riding your bicycle on a country road.


4. It can help burn fat: Coffee can boost your metabolism rate by 3 to 10 per cent and is known to help you burn fat faster.

5. Coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Several studies show that coffee drinkers are 65% less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease which can cause Dementia in old age.

With its numerous benefits, coffee is indeed one of the best beverages around. Aren’t you glad for your good ol’ cup of Joe?