Your Guide for a Weekend in Nashville: Tips for Your Trip


Photo: Pixabay


Nashville, Tennessee has become a popular place for young travelers and those with experience to spend a long weekend. After all, it didn’t earn the name NashVegas for nothing. Nashville has become quite the destination for bachelorette and bachelor parties, as well as quick weekend getaways with friends. However, if you’ve never been to Nashville, you can be overwhelmed. If you truly want to experience all that Nashville has to offer, then use these tips for your trip.


Opt for a vacation rental.

For some people, staying in a hotel on Broadway is a necessity, but Nashville has spiked in population over the past few years that there’s really no bad place to crash, as there’s something to see and do in every neighborhood. Plus, when you consider how Uber and Lyft operate 24/7 in the area, you can quickly get wherever you need to go. When you’re looking for a place to stay, consider renting a house on Air BNB or another vacation rental site, as you can get an entire house for a weekend for the price you’d pay for one night in a Broadway-central hotel. And by staying off Broadway, you can find some hidden gems of your own.


Go early.

Weekends get crazy in Nashville, which means that bars—especially on Broadway—get crowded easily. If you’re not into yelling at your party and standing in a crowded room with strangers, it’s better for you to experience the Broadway bars early. Legends Corner, Tootsie’s, and The Stage are all very popular places. If you want to see what they’re all about, get there early, as you’ll likely beat the crowd and get to hear some great live music.


Move away from Broadway.

While Broadway has plenty of bars and restaurants and shops to experience, you should also move away from the crowd and see what else there is around town. Some hidden places can be found on every corner of Downtown Nashville, and you may just find a quaint little place with good food, good drinks, and good entertainment without the hefty price tag or overwhelming crowd.


Be a tourist.

Nashville has a solid history, and it doesn’t shy away from letting you know that. Instead of hitting Nashville for the nightlife, consider taking in some tourist attractions as well. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, Belle Meade Plantation, Vanderbilt University, and anything else that catches your eye. There’s no shame in taking some time to educate yourself while on a trip, and Nashville is a great place to do that.


Dress the part.

No matter where you turn, you’ll find crowds of people donned in their finest Nashville gear, from flannel shirts, to cowboy hats, to Lucchese boots. If you want to be a cowboy or cowgirl for the weekend, go right ahead. It’s commonplace in Nashville, and people won’t judge you for it. The best part is that if you don’t have any of these items on hand, there are plenty of shops where you can snag some authentic gear and start to fit right in.


Do your research.

Before you decide what weekend to go, it’s important to do a little research. For instance, if there’s a big concert going on in town, or if the Nashville Predators have a game, or if there’s a major event happening, Downtown Nashville will be even more crowded, and prices may even rise. If you’re looking for something a little on the calmer side, be sure to come on a weekend when major events aren’t nearby. While you’ll still have a crowd, it won’t be nearly as crowded as it would be then.


Nashville is a great place to visit, and by using these tips, you can ensure you have a weekend you’ll never forget.