After Graduation: Tips to Help You Decide Where to go Next

Just after you have graduated from University or College, you are challenged with the decision whether to move back to where you grew up or cut the apron strings and make it a permanent move out of the family home. It’s a big decision and not one to be taken lightly, but how do you come to the right choice? Here are 3 areas to consider to help you decide whether you should move back home or make the break.


This can be a pro or a con. How much do you like your family? If you are lucky enough to have a great relationship with your nearest and dearest, then this factor is a pro for moving back home. You may have younger siblings, nieces, nephews or cousins whose life you will be able to play a major part in. For the older members of your family, this may be your last chance to spend a serious amount of quality time with them.

Alternatively, you could be considering starting a family of your own. If you met your partner at university, then moving in with them may be the next step for you two. However, before you make such a huge transition, you must realize that you now have someone else to look after, as well as yourself. If you have problems with the plumbing, then you need to find a plumber quickly; if you get a mortgage, then you need to work out the costs.

Career opportunities

You have the college education, you’ve worked hard to graduate, but do the employment opportunities exist in your hometown? You can get a job anywhere, but you need a career and not a job.

You must use your education to its full potential, and if you can’t see how to progress in your chosen field in your hometown, then think about relocating to a place where your career can flourish – you can always move back home once you have experience working in business. Just because there are currently no positions open at home, it does not mean that there won’t be in the future, or perhaps you could create your own opportunities and open a business once you have learnt the ropes elsewhere.

Your hobbies

You only get one life, and you need to live yours full of passion, excitement and with a zest for life. This is your opportunity to live life to the fullest before you get into responsibilities such as starting a family and mortgage repayments. You do need to focus on your career, but why not seek out opportunities that are located in places that will support your hobbies out of office hours? If you love surfing, relocate to the beachside communities, if you love snowboarding, you need to make sure you have access to the slopes.

It feels like a big decision to make, but just remember that no decision is irreversible. You are young, and your decision is not set in stone. Be flexible with your thinking, but make sure that you make the decision that suits you, and not anybody else – living with a regret is tragic – so relax, and your decision will be the right one for now.