All the Right Places: Sightseeing Strategies to Help You See More

This time you’re going to see all the right places. The problem is other tourists have similar plans. That’s why sightseeing strategies come in handy and help you see more. Don’t get disappointed by missing out on museums and the places you really want to see. Implement a dose of sightseeing strategy.

Buy Tickets Now

Some museums and activity centers prey on those who walk-in without ordering tickets beforehand. Buy tickets online and save substantially. Otherwise, you’re likely to raise a brow at the box office prices. Additionally, make sure you budget for food, souvenirs for the kids, etc. Acting now and buying tickets before you go puts money back in your vacation budget.

Go At Off Times

You may desire to go see all the museums and sites on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when most are off of work, locals are out and about, and tourists plan their activities. It may take more planning but it’s well worth it to go see the sites at off times. Google sometimes gives searchers details about popular times to go to a museum or site. Alternatively, call the front desk and learn about the best times to avoid the crowds and premium prices.

Seek a Customized Experience

You may be headed to a destination with the kids, a lover, or alone. Each scenario is improved through a customized museum experience. For example, some places hold mixer nights, closing the building to kids and families and allowing singles to mingle among the art and exhibits. Alternatively, you may have a lot of questions and would prefer a personal tour.

Create a Plan

You could extemporaneously walk down the boulevard, popping in and out of museums and sites as you please. That works for some while others need more order to ensure they are using time efficiently. Plus, you may want to use Yelp or another review service to get a sense of the challenges and unexpected pleasures reported by prior museum-goers.

Use a Driving Service

It’s pretty easy to find a cab in metropolitan areas and public transportation enables visitors to get to all corners of a city. However, using those modes of transportation are not always good for saving time and staying free of anxiety. Therefore, consider using a ride service like Uber or inquire about complimentary service from Renaissance Charleston by Marriott.

Pack a Lunch

You don’t want to waste time by eating breakfast or lunch at a restaurant. Crowds can make service slow and you may find that it took over an hour just to fill your stomach. Yes, you need energy to power through the day of touring but there’s no need to waste time and money at restaurants. Pack a lunch so you can eat on the go and conserve time.

Rent a Bicycle

It could be advantageous to trade two feet for faster wheels. Rent a bicycle so you gain more time while getting exercise. Major cities have rental and bike share programs. Otherwise, look into segway, bus, or other kinds of tours that incorporate museum visits.