Get Your Swag On: Important Fashion Guidelines for the Groom


 Image Pixabay

Much of the fashion focus for a wedding is usually centered on what the bride is going to wear. But it’s just as critical for the groom and groomsmen to appear stylish. From walking down the aisle to posing for photographs, the following are fashion hits that are sure to make your partner proud.

Attire Should Fit with the Vibe

Getting married is a major life changing moment in a couple’s life. No matter what vibe you pick for your wedding celebration, your attire should be well-suited for the occasion. If you decided to go with something less formal and exchange vows on a beach, a linen suit can prove eye catching for the groom and groomsmen. For those who have chosen something more relatively formal, a tuxedo can best complement the bridal gown. You can kick your wedding attire up a notch for a ballroom wedding celebration by wearing a white tie and tail jacket.

Stay Within a Similar Color Scheme

In the past, grooms weren’t as involved in making the decisions for the wedding. But times have changed, and they are now active participants. Food tasting and selecting the right wedding venue are prime examples of how evolved men have become in the process. From pilsners and bottle openers to money clips and cufflinks, some grooms may even take control to personalize a unique groomsmen gift to show their appreciation for having their back on this important day. A groom should also have a say in the clothing they they’re going to wear. Since this will be an optimum time for the couple to showcase their style and flair, a groom should work in tandem with the bride to coordinate outfits. While you won’t get to see the actual dress until the wedding day, you can still get an idea of the ornamentation and style. For a bridal gown with sequins, a black tuxedo is a classic look. For romantic lace, aim for a suit in tan or gray.

Dress for Your Body Shape

Similar to the bride, the groom should pick out clothing that best suits his shape and body size. If your frame is tall and lean, most of the hottest tuxedo trends will make you appear stylish. If you need to add bulk to your frame, look into a double breasted suit. If you’re trying to slim down your appearance, a fitted suit offers a lean silhouette. Darker shades can also be more slimming than light colored hues. If it’s height you’re lacking, a three button suit may make you appear taller in stature.

Go for a Perfect Fit

Even the most costly wedding attire will appear awkward if it isn’t fitted correctly. When you’re picking out your clothes for the big day, you want to ensure that you can get around comfortably. Raise your arms, kick your legs and bend down. Although you don’t want your tux to feel cumbersome, it shouldn’t be baggy or loose fitting. No matter if you’re purchasing or renting your clothes, the shop will be able to customize your look with the help of a tailor.

Match Your Groomsmen

When you’re planning a wedding, coordinating with the bride’s clothing is a major part of looking sharp and put together. But you also want to mesh with what your groomsmen are wearing. As a groom, you should look to stand out by wearing a separate color suit or tux. The other men standing up could then wear a color or style that complements the grooms look. The style and feel of their attire should also blend with the look and feel of the bridesmaids dresses.

Personalize Your Accessories

While matching the bride and wedding party are critical components of a stylish wedding, you can get your swag on by personalizing your look. For grooms looking to spice up their appearance, try donning a patterned vest, cummerbund or necktie. If you’ve chosen two shades as your bridal colors, select a vibrant shade while the others go for the less dominant hue. Your socks and shoes can also speak volumes about who you are as a person, so don’t be afraid to show off your quirky side.

Your bride is sure to bask in the spotlight on your wedding day. But as the groom, it’s also equally important for you to look stylish. The above tips will help you break out of your usual t-shirt and jeans and transform you into the best dressed man.